Russell Crowe to narrate Nine reality series

rcwNine has secured Russell Crowe to narrate its new reality series, The Secret Millionaire.

The 6 part series, sees some of Australia’s wealthiest go undercover before the unprivileged with a minimum of $100,000 from their private savings accounts to give to the most deserving. Members of the community are told the cameras are present due to a documentary filming.

The series is based on a UK format while a US version has also aired.

The show is launching in a couple of weeks on Nine.


  1. i will be watchen russell crows new show, i struggle every day of my life finacially and mentally, i dont have much myself but everytime someone has come into my life and had know roof over there heads or know where to go ive opened my door and let them be abused and riped off or had to go without money and food due to helping others,i have 5 animals and have had to go without so they get fed.i work hard everyday for low wages.To have nothing left at end of fornight.driving to work unregisitered vehicle, fighting depression and asthmatic to go without medication time after time again due to no help from heathcare cause i earn there should be more people out there helping the people that need or deserve help from others that can afford go russell he is aussie and i adore his beautiful wife to.thank you channel nine and russell crow,

  2. Love the UK series and it’s awesome seeing the reactions of people who get the money at the end.
    I will give this local version a bash, but like others have touched on, I hope they don’t go with their over done theme of running around after the families of sick kids and using them for ratings.

    Sean M, the secret millionaires would have an excuse such as being filmed for a story on adult education, someone going back to see how things have changed since they lived there as a child, or maybe a story on volunteer work in a certain town etc.
    They have had all kinds of excuses and they have all been quite believable, although one guy in a cafe did joke around and ask the secret millionaire if he was a secret millionaire, but the conversation moved on quickly and nothing came of it.

  3. This is a fabulous series – the UK edition has been fantastic to watch on Foxtel.

    It makes sense to have an Aussie series. I would like to see the wealthy putting their hands in their pockets to help someone else out.

    Couldn’t think of a better narrator than Rusty.

  4. In the UK version how did they explain having a camera man following the secret millionaire around?

    I don’t think people behave naturally if they are aware they are being filmed.

  5. i really liked the UK version of this but nine will turn it into some “aussie battler” type show where the only people that get helped are kids with cancer and their families (not that I have anything against kids with cancer or anything but you know they are televisions battler-de-jour when it comes to helping people)

  6. *Yawn* Done before. I’m sure each episode will be complete with Shelley Craft / Scott Cam appearances and today show / rescue special ops / sea patrol set visits.

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