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ABC adds the US version of Secret Millionaire to its Fall schedule, as one of 10 new shows.

The latest Fall schedule from the US comes from ABC.

As previously reported, the network has several new shows planned for next season: No Ordinary Family, Detroit 187, The Whole Truth, Body of Proof , and My Generation as well as comedy Better Together (click Show Tags for previous info).

It also adds the US version of Secret Millionaire plus Off the Map and comedies Mr. Sunshine starring Matthew Perry and Happy Endings.

Recently renewed V looks like being out until November. The network wanted to ensure that the special-effects-filled had enough production time before its premiere date.

The network expects to use Desperate Housewives to launch Shonda Rhimes’ new medical drama Off the Map in midseason, just as ABC did with Grey’s Anatomy.

“Our passion for great storytelling is at the core of everything we do,” said Stephen McPherson, president, ABC Entertainment Group. “Finding and supporting writers, directors, producers and actors who share that passion is critical to our success. Our shows are the product of these collaborations, and we are thrilled to add 10 new series to our schedule next year.”

8:00 p.m. Dancing with the Stars
10:00 p.m. Castle

8:00 p.m. No Ordinary Family
9:00 p.m. Dancing with the Stars the Results Show
10:00 p.m. Detroit 1-8-7

8:00 p.m. The Middle
8:30 p.m. Better Together
9:00 p.m. Modern Family
9:30 p.m. Cougar Town
10:00 p.m. The Whole Truth

8:00 p.m. My Generation
9:00 p.m. Grey’s Anatomy
10:00 p.m. Private Practice

8:00 p.m. Secret Millionaire
9:00 p.m. Body of Proof
10:00 p.m. 20/20

8:00 p.m. Saturday Night College Football

7:00 p.m. America’s Funniest Home Videos
8:00 p.m. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition
9:00 p.m. Desperate Housewives
10:00 p.m. Brothers & Sisters

Source: Futon Critic, Hollywood Reporter

3 Responses

  1. This is the last year ABC has before it falls back to fourth, they are still reluctant to move their lead-in dependent shows (Castle, Private Practice, Brothers & Sisters), which means

    a) they cannot survive on their own
    b) they cannot launch new shows out of their existing “sucesses”. It’s a pity.

    here’s my prediction of the new shows:

    Body of Proof – gone, way too pilot reliant… FlashForward, Hank, Accidentely on Purpose are examples of the pilot reliant series, but seeing as it’s on Friday… meh.

    Detroit 1-8-7 looks alright, if it’s written like ER, high octane, fast-paced, focuses mostly on the day-to-day cases rather than the personal live of the characters, then it would be good.

    My Generation – This type of show has been done before ____ year, a group of kids are all destined to be rich and/or famous, _____ years down the track, what happened…? They’ve all failed.

    No Ordinary Family – Again pilot dependent

    The Whole Truth – If the Good Wife succeeds in season 2, there will be no room for a second legal drama.

    Better Together – Once Cougar Town gets canned next year, watch this move to 9:30 and work out of Modern Family.

  2. ABC is becoming Shonda Rhimes network… not one new show interests me on ABC this season. Looks like they’ve given up on high concept series this season too, probably a good thing.

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