Gallery: Wisteria Lane, Caroline Springs.

In outer western Melbourne there lives a homage to a classic American hit drama.

Back in 2008 I paid a visit to a Wisteria Lane development, a street in Caroline Springs, outer-western Melbourne.

Eleven houses were being constructed in a property homage  mimicking the Desperate Housewives streetscape on the Universal Studios lot.

Architect and developer Eli Mofkadi said his business partner Tom Zeglinas named the development when Housewives-fever gripped the nation’s television viewers.

Cape Cod style homes were even named after the characters: The Susan, the Bree, the Gabrielle and the Lynette.

A recent revisit shows the site is now something of a flashback to the show which folded in 2012, but still a cosy neighbourhood.

Although Desperate Housewives is no more, one resident told me the street has since been used on film and commercials. Bring on the location fees.

Here it is in all its Americana homage….

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  1. Making total use of the land – each house is sandwiched next to each other. Is the nature space in the middle suppose to reflect the park reserve in the show?

  2. They did well in the American styling of the houses. I do remember watching Desperate Housewives in the early seasons and there was a commercial about winning a ‘Desperate Housewives’ house. One of these must have been the prize.

    1. Wow I never knew this and my parents live in Caroline Springs and I did for a time too. I take umbrage in it saying this is a far outer west suburb it isn’t. It’s just western.

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