Eva Longoria keen to revisit Desperate Housewives

Eva Longoria reveals she would be “the first to sign up” for more Wisteria Lane if it came to pass.

With revivals and reunions all the rage, Eva Longoria has expressed her interest in returning to Wisteria Lane.

Desperate Housewives ran from 2004 to 2012 for a total of 180 episodes, and was a massive hit in Australia, helping Seven to snatch the ratings crown from Nine.

“I mean, we ended the series with [Gaby] going off to start her own business. So I’d love to pick up and see like how she’s grown that business,” Longoria has said. “Is she, you know, Kris Jenner? Just fabulous and flying all over the world and managing all of these businesses.”

She added: “I would love to think up and and see where her children are and what are they doing, and how did they turn out?

Longoria said there had been no official plans for a new Desperate Housewives series or film, but she’d be “the first to sign up” for either.

“I think because you know back then, we did eight years of 24 episodes. I mean that’s a lot. Now you get a series with six episodes or five episodes,” she explained. “We had so many episodes per year that [creator Marc Cherry] felt like he exhausted every storyline, like I couldn’t sleep with one more person on that street.”

Source: Radio Times

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  1. With so many different streaming services around I’m surprised no one has done new episodes for this. Wish someone would revisit bones with new episodes too.

  2. The writers would have to come up with something very creative, or a new cast, the epilogue went into the distant future with all the ladies on separate paths.

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