The Magda Factor

magdasThere’s a bit more detail emerging today on what’s behind The Spearman Experiment, due to premiere on TEN next week.

So far the network has managed to keep us guessing on what the show will be, assuming curiosity and the Magda-factor will be enough to get us to tune in. And together with Generation having warmed up the timeslot, they’re probably right.

The show will attempt to show the influences of pop culture in Australia through the use of online polls, as interpreted through Rank Correlation analysis. This was invented by Dr Charles Spearman in 1904, says

“It’s probably got something of Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation about it,” Szubanski says.

“Culturally it’s coming from a similar kind of place, family-friendly, a bit Gen Y you know.

“Generally it’s going to be playful and cheeky but really affectionate. I grew up watching The Brady Bunch, grew up when pop culture was really starting to globalise so I have a great affection for it.”

The show is mostly scripted with Szubanski helping to write her own bits.

“I had this idea that I wanted to give my spin on the particular events we were talking about … how all these things fitted in, how they are sort of placed culturally, so yeah I get to write it myself.”

The show premieres 7:30pm next Tuesday on TEN.



  1. Where have you been Vee? Lots of people watched that Generation show. The Spearman Experiment looks extremely ordinary and, as others have said, 20 to 1-ish.

  2. I would agree with many others, it just seems to be a cut down version of 20 to 1 which we’ve all now seen to death. On the promos they keep saying “you voted”… but where did we vote? If we are voting to rank the next episodes topic, why are we not given an address to go to already? I’ll give it a look, but it’s not exciting me at the moment…

  3. 20 to 1 is the most embarassing thing that Bert has ever done in his entire career … it is a insult to his status and Nine deserve a good kick in the ass for wasting his talent on it … a trained monkey could do it … and as for those idiotic talking heads … cheap, nasty rubbish! Of course “Magda’s Funny Bits” was crap … it was comedy made by Nine!

    Magda looks fabulous … well done! I can just see her now in the next Kath and Kim … as the “glamourous one” who has been doing Jenny Craig and making Kim extremely jealous … and she actually gets to marry Shane Warne … :-)))

  4. The Magda factor for me means i’ll probably give it a miss, different kettle of fish… but i was burned by “Magda’s funny bits” on Ch 9 and don’t think i’ll take the chance again.

  5. i thought it would be a super hit,
    but the promotions that aired last night did not do it any justice. ep.1 is a countdown of the top 15 aussie comedy characters. i mean, that’s never been done defore.. they should have stuck with telling us nothing.

    it will premier well, maybe up to 1.6. but i don’t think it will be that hit that TBYG was. i don’t think it will be taken off air worthy flop. it’s not on ch9.

  6. Sounds like a bit of a flop coming up, should be out of the schedule by the time the Hey Hey Specials air at the end of the month.

    I have personally never understood the fascination with Magda, and in terms of her as a person, the less said the better…..

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