TV hunt for emerging filmmakers

If you're over 18 and consider yourself a talented filmmaker, Channel Seven has a new show that wants to hear from you.

slateChannel Seven is producing a new TV series that is looking for up and coming short filmmakers to show what they’ve got.

The search is on for teams of two who are “gutsy, out-going, love travel and reckon they have what it takes to write, star in, shoot and edit their own original and hugely entertaining short films or videos.”

The search is open to anyone over the age of 18 who can tell a story, shoot and cut their own videos and work to strict timeframes. There are no restrictions on style, meaning you could submit as either drama or documentary, or everything in between.

On offer is “stardom, industry recognition and large cash prizes.”

The closing date for entries is October 2nd. Not a lot of time, but no doubt they want to see what you can do in a short time frame.

Sounds like the next Project Greenlight or Race Around the World is here….

For full details visit casting directors: www.acastofthousands.com.au/film

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  1. This is only for a pilot. not the actual show.
    shows like Project Greenlight or Race Around the World are hugely expensive. it would need to be a highly calculated investment.

  2. Deadline 2 oct,
    Shooting seems very soon too:

    Last question on application:
    If chosen, are you prepared to commit to this project for a period between October–November 2009?


  3. The best short film of all time is ‘Shane Dawson – Why was I born?’

    Check it out on youtube

    Just type Shane Dawson – Why was i born? into the search and it’ll come up.

    He stars as all the characters and it’s only 8 min long…so funny

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