1. @Edu – Glee was shown a few months back around the same time it was on in the US, a marketing ploy by Fox (and TEN) to get the word out, Last night was the Directors Cut but I didn’t see any difference. Next week the season stars, it has had two additional eps air in the US so we are only a few weeks behind.

    ITA I thought the numbers would be higher and hope they grow.

  2. NCIS LA is on 8.30 Wednesday, isnt it? I keep seeing people say its on at 9.30 – Could you confirm this David? 8.30 or 9.30?

    Good number for Rush. Im so happy that the show has finally found an audience and is taking charge in its second season. Not the number I thought Glee would pull – I was expecting a much higher figure, even though it was a repeat.

  3. Why was Glee an encore, when was it shown before?
    Glee was a bit chequered last night, it has its moments but I will tune in again next week and see how it goes from there. I only watched it because of Jane Lynch who happens to be my favourite shrink from 2.5 Men, lol!

  4. @ ryan – I hope you never get a job as a programmer at ten because you would wreck it for me!

    Full points for your ongoing enthusiasm though, I sometimes worry that you are going to explode from overexcitement!

  5. Re: Glee Premiere
    I’m sure ive seen all the ads for Glee have the premiere date Sep 24th (next Thurs) as its the 2nd ep. I dont recall seeing any ads for the ep last night?
    I watched it again though cause i saw it on the ep guide. So those numbers arent too bad for a repeat that wasnt really advertised.

  6. Oh boy. Those TAR figures are pretty poor. But a bit perplexing too. First episode went down from Gary Unmarried, but second episode went up above both of them. Weird.

  7. @ Ryan I agree last nights was a great Rush episode. However I really liked the episode where the Armoured Van was hijacked. I really enjoy it! I hope its ratings increase a bit more and are not affected by CSI next week.

  8. i think ten would be disappointed with glee even if it was a repeat. it was one of the biggest promotions ten has ever had, it was obviously their big hope for the back end. if ten were going to be happy with 871k and just 38.0% (commercial) in 18-49 against the competition like that for the premier, i don’t think they would have given it a 3 month promotion, used the MC finale leadout on it, brought the cast to aus etc.

  9. Wow, looks like the encore of Glee did pretty well considering it was a repeat.

    Though once again the OAP over 50’s dragged the total people down. I think their share should count for less. The Glee demos for 16-39, 18-49 & 25-54 are quite impressive!

    It’ll be interesting to see what the new ep gets next week.

  10. So much for the Glee hipe from Ten and to see it was only a repeat
    at least show the repeat at another day and time and keep thursday premier as a new one
    waste of tens time and sothern x 10 still advertising little Britan for sundays

  11. @ harry: totally agree man, law and orders aren’t what they were except s.v.u, law and order uk is more of a 10.30 or 11.30 program, and they could put it on any day, the news should be pushed back to 11.30 to have another hr show and to keep viewers since 9 and 7 have shows on while 10 usualy has news and i do watch it but i would still at 11.30 then it should be sex and the city and letterman. law and order s.v.u is coming back but i love burn notice, it prob would work well after rush on thur if burn fails, but burn could easily go to another 9.30 slot ten fails in like fri, or wed after ncis l.a. sat should be a movie night after the footy finishes period, young people are out so target families. fridays should be another family night but movies later and game shows like grader on earlier. and when idol’s show shortens and rove moves to 9 nurse jackie should be on at 10 at the latest and before little britain!

  12. i watched glee, rush and burn notice and i had the best 3 hrs of watching tv in ages! every show was bloody awesome esp burn notice. rush has stepped up which is good cause i havnt liked the last few eps, and glee was pretty dam funny. good lineup by ten, hope it all rates well

  13. Yes those Glee promos have been annoying me too for some time.
    I know I probably watch more TV than the average person, but it’s been overkill IMO. On that basis, I’m not watching.

  14. NW said “CM also improved greatly upon Earl’s numbers considering there was a lack of promotion for it ”

    Loved the ad for Criminal Minds on Prime last night “at the sexy new timeslot, tonight 9.30!.”


  15. Pity LO UK not working for Ten as it is not a bad show,a bit rushed in the end but well acted and London looks good.
    Hope it on after when NCIS LA starts soon on Wednesdays at 9.30

  16. Seven had a very strong night, with CH retaining its total-people damaged numbers but gaining quite a lot in the demo’s

    Last Night: City Homicide 39 35 37 37
    Monday (14/09): City Homicide 34 21 25 28
    Nice increases there. CM also improved greatly upon Earl’s numbers considering there was a lack of promotion for it whilst also retaining those strong demo-wins, handing Seven across the board win in all demo’s.

    Nine does well with the older crew, TEN bombs and cannot wait for September to end.

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