24: Trailer

jbCheck out the trailer for 24′s next season, which takes place in New York City.

With CTU active again, Jack returns to continue the battle that was fought in Season 7.

Executive producer Evan Katz has previously indicated that he has drafted a number of scenarios for the show’s ending in the event that it is not renewed by FOX next year.

The series premieres in the US on January 17th, and will air in Australian on 7TWO at a date to be confirmed.


  1. I wasn’t being serious David – hence the smiley! Of course Jack survived. He’s been tortured, a drug addict, been revived from death, survived nuclear explosions and 18 months in a Chinese prison. Experimental surgery won’t keep him down 🙂

  2. Wait! He survived the last minute (literally!) experimental stem cell surgery due to exposure from the bioweapon? Whoa how lucky! Does that make this a spoiler? 🙂

  3. hopefully they play a 24 marathon on 7Two so i can cath up, maybe 2 hours a night over 2 nights for 6 weeks piror to airing the new season. cant wait. im sooo glad this is on 7Two as it will air at a time ican watch it.

  4. Man why 72? They really should put it on 7 HD aswell. Let’s hope that 7HD sometimes breaksaway to show 72 programming. Doubt it though.

    If this season doesn’t get renewed we know that Jack Bauer will die, which will be sad. But this series really has run long enough and can’t keep going.

  5. I so hope Seven/7TWO replay the last season since before season 8 comes back since i only saw the first 4 episodes until they switched time slots and i never watched again.

  6. I have always had the same problem with 24, it starts off great but I loose interest around hour 4-5… but good see Jack back and now in NYC.

    Guess this along with Heroes and Ugly Betty are being put on 7TWO to help push viewer to go digital, just a shame some remote areas will now miss out.

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