Airdate: Grand Designs Revisited

gdKevin McCloud will be back soon to revisit some of the homes featured in the first series of Grand Designs to see how the owners have settled into their dream homes.

But as some of these episodes are very old (2001), they will air in a ‘low-profile’ 6pm timeslot.

In the first episode, McCloud revisits a co-operative of ten families who built ten homes in Brighton, UK.

Prior to forming the co-operative, the families were travellers or lived in insecure accommodation. The local council bought them some land and gave them the money to build the houses. At the end they were given a secured tenancy in the houses they built, at an affordable rent.

The co-operative did all the work themselves and everyone had to do a set amount of hours each week which meant all of them struggled financially because they didn’t have time to find full time work.

It airs 6:05pm Thursday October 22nd on ABC1.


  1. Grand Designs Revisited is a great idea. You often wonder what some of those half-completed homes looked like years later – good and bad.

    I would also like to see a Grand Designs Disasters.

    Kevin McCloud’s series is by far the best of all the home renovations shows.

  2. I haven’t seen this series they should have done this earlier. There are a lot of project where they left before they finished and I wanted to know how they coped.

  3. thanks 🙂 I’ll make sure I watch this
    I’m currently watching all the series on Lifestyle – addicted? much!

    I think they should get Kevin McCloud showcasing builds from around the globe

  4. We’ve just watched these recently. Kevin McCloud is tremendously passionate and makes even the horrible houses sound utterly fascinating. Great series!

  5. Sorry, is it a recent revisit of houses completed in 2001 or is the whole shebang outdated?

    I always wondered how many of these people would remain in their homes after a few years. They all say ‘oh this is our dream’ but you usually find that the type of people that build at this scale are constantly moving and rebuilding.

  6. I do love Grand Designs, but c’mon, 8 year old episodes?

    I’d much prefer re-runs of newer epsiodes in the same slot (or the former Tuesday slot).

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