Gone: Moonlight. Returning: Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Alex O'Loughlin fans should probably look away now.

secret-diaryNine is dumping Moonlight again.

After the show took 282,000 viewers on Tuesday is has been pulled by the network. Last time it was pulled was January 2008, until Nine decided to drag it out for a belated continuation that it blatantly dubbed a ‘New Series.’

Last week it had 288,000.

Nine will replace it with repeats of Secret Diary of a Call Girl from next Tuesday November 3rd.

It returns to Series 1 Ep 1.

Alex O’Loughlin fans sure are having a rough time of it lately…

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  1. awwwww man.. i didnt even know moonlight was on again until i one night switched the channel over and there it was and they are going to take it off again… MMMMaaannnn… i missed it again. and the secret diary of a call girl is so boring… bugger…

  2. I am so P*ss*d off about this. I came home from work Tues and went to put
    Moonlight on only to find it wasn’t on my tape. I was so excited when I read they would be showing the final 8 eps that I haven’t seen. I did go and try to buy the DVD on special at Kmart a while ago, but they’d sold out. When I saw it was coming back on TV I thought that was one DVD I wouldn’t have to buy. How can they do this Again. There’s only 6 eps left for goodness sake. They have repeats of The Strip on at 12 midnight Wednesday nights – they could put it on then. I don’t care if they put it on at 3am, in fact I would love it as I’m always up then seeing as I work ’til midnight. Just put the last 6 eps on for goodness sakes. Those 2 eps just served to get me hooked again. And I don’t have digital TV.

  3. I have only just discovered Moonlight when it started on GO earlier this year.
    I am enjoying it but why would I sit up so late and watch it on Nine when I can watch it at a more reasonable time on GO….

  4. I was watching Moonlight on 9HD, as I got a few weeks behind in the Go episodes. Luckily I kept recording the episodes on Go in case Nein did something like this.

    They screened series two of Secret Diary of a Call Girl earlier this year.

  5. i was really hopping that 9 was going to return this show, seeing that 9 are showing it from Series 1 Ep 1 means they must be going into season 2, well i hope so, i would think that this would do better after underbelly when it returns next year

  6. I’m a huge moonlight fan but even I didn’t watch on 9 this time. I watched the original run on 9, then turned to youtube (for the very first time ever I gave in to using the internet because I loved this show so much and 9 were hopeless). I bought the dvd and watched that a few months ago and I’ve been watching again on GO!. There are only so many times you can watch a show, after seeing it just 2 weeks ago on GO! there really is no point watching it again on 9. plus with the dvd I could watch it again any time, there is really no point in watching it on 9.
    But I won’t be watching *repeats* of secret diary of a call girl either.

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