Hey Hey likely for 2010 specials

hhoHey Hey it’s Saturday is expected to return in 2010 as a series of specials across the year, The Australian reports.

The Nine variety show is likely to return with 8 – 10 seasonal specials next year to capitalise on its popularity following the two reunion specials.

Last week Daryl Somers repeatedly said it was the last show. Seemingly unhappy that the future was not secured he told viewers, “Whether we go beyond tonight in some form or other…. what the future holds we don’t know at the moment.”

Nine’s top brass David Gyngell and Programming Chief Michael Healy were at MIPCOM in Cannes at the time. Somers is said to have rung and asked for the first reunion special to be dropped from its repeat just hours before it was due. Nine bore the brunt of the fury unleashed from Somers’ own fans through angry phone calls and emails.

Last week’s “Jackson Jive” skit is unlikely to weigh into Nine’s decision making on the show’s future.

It’s a mosquito bite compared with the popularity of the show,” one executive told The Australian.

Sources said there could be a live stadium event of the show, and it could travel the country  -just as it did during its 28 year reign.

But a return is not expected to include Molly Meldrum, released by Seven and Foxtel for the two specials. Red Symons is on a series contract for Australia’s Got Talent, previously produced by Hey Hey’s longtime producer, Pam Barnes. Who knows what it means for Ossie Ostrich or Jacki MacDonald…

With the production expenses, and the huge audience it pulled, the show is unlikely to ever reside on Saturdays anymore either.

The Hey Hey Facebook page is currently topping 357,000 members.

A deal on the show’s future is tipped by the end of the week.

Source: The Australian


  1. Shows like Kingswood Country or Love Thy Neighbour amongst others which were acceptable back in the seventies or eighties would not be tolerated today that is why they can’t bring them back.
    This is the 21st Century Give Me something like How I met Your Mother or other modern day comedies anytime over the likes of Ted Bullpitt or Eddie Booth.

  2. Money was always going to be the issue for Hey Hey,as it was in the first case.For them to do some specials next year was probably always the best case scenario.Look forward to watching them next year

  3. You call it tired when 2.3million Tuned in to watch it Bruce Banner, Thats just as pathetic as the LIberal Partys about page which they refer to themselves the Government after they *won* in 2007! (In which they got wiped out!)

  4. Ah David, only you could remember the Kingswood Country return. It really was “Bullpitt” wasn’t it?

    Remember the Hey Dad spinoff – was it Hampton Court? Again, absolute bullpitt.

    So whatever Hey Hey does or doesn’t do, man oh man (to mention another dodgy old show title), hasn’t all this Hey Hey hoo-hah been exactly what TV is all about? Certainly the biggest TV event of the year (and perhaps since the Olympics), as well as a huge opinion piece for viewers and non viewers alike. The only way this would’ve been considered UNsuccessful, is if no-one was talking about it.

    But what would I know – I still think there’s room for revising ‘It’s A Knockout’, especially with big fat rich celebs. (Better than Wipeout, Gladiators & Hole in the Wall combined!) Hmmm… what would Ossie Ostrich look like, racing full speed down a soapy slippery dip and into a bacteria-infested pool? Or Molly, or Daryl, Jackie, or any of them. Sure, none of them have the entertainment clout of a Stefan the hairdresser, or a Marty the Monster, but it’s got to be money better spent than on the NRL Footy Show.

  5. Hey Andy, yes I noticed how tired Ossie (Ernie) appeared.

    In fact throughout the show Daryl kept on making remarks on how he had to lean over just to talk to Ossie these days.

    I seriously doubt Ernie Carrol would return for future specials – he is 80 after all.

    Having said that, it was nice seeing what a trooper he was in returning – but I think this particular Ostrich has finally flown the coop…..

  6. While they are at it why not they make a 21st Century My Two Wives or All Together Now.
    Wait they did that already Now It’s 2.5 men and the adventures of old christine

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