Idol: Kate Cook eliminated

ikc25 year old Queenslander Kate Cook is out of the running for to become 2009’s Australian Idol.

The country singer was eliminated ahead of Stan Walker with just four weeks remaining in the competition.

But with her down to earth nature she promised to continue singing.

“It’s all good,” said Cook. “Country music hasn’t seen the last of Kate Cook.”

Being cut from the contest she leaves just one female, Hayley Warner, to battle against the remaining boys: Stan Walker, James Johnston, Toby Moulton and Nathan Brake.


  1. Id be pleased to see Toby win as his type of music (90’s brit pop -radiohead,oasis etc) is what I’m into and he’s a very talented singer albeit very Thom Yorke-esque. I like all the others though so I’m not fussed either way. I have a feeling the final two will be Toby/Nathan with Toby winning.

  2. Hey Neon, I didn’t say I wanted “the teacher” (just quoting a previous poster) aka Toby Moulton to win – just that it appears the votes are going that way. Hayley and Stan have been close to being eliminated, despite their apparent popularity. Toby has never strayed into the bottom three. He has the whole of the primary school vote, and not just the school he teaches at! The water works in last night’s episode, and his conviction to stick with performing the music he loves will see him through to the end (win or lose). I actually don’t care who wins this year because they’re all useless in their own little ways. Hayley is just a Pink wannabe and performs hunched over, Stan can’t even enunciate and I actually burst out laughing at the start of his Hallelujah song with that atrocious opening. James just looks so so young that he lacks any credibility, and would have been better off auditioning when he was older. As you said, Toby is just a clone, and Nathan is constantly off pitch and his campiness is OTT with extra cheese. Urgh.

  3. Fact is she is entirely commericially unviable. Too many times the idiots who watch this show vote for a Cassie Donovan type who wins and then is never heard from again.

  4. @TV TRagic: Kate’s got a future, ‘cos viewers love her. However, it’s very, very unlikely that her future is in the ARIA charts.

    @Marco: “the teacher” isn’t going to make it to the end. We already have a Thom Yorke, and we already have a Chris Martin. There is no point in an (admittedly vocally talented) clone.

    My prediction for the final of this sad, sad (and perhaps last) year of Australian Idol is Stan and Rock Chick, with perhaps Nathan as a strong chance. I also predict that Sony BMG will be in unprecedented panic about what to do with the winner if it’s not Rock Chick.

  5. For better or worse, the teacher will make final two. He has never been in the bottom three. Will likely win. And then disappear never to be seen again because the people who voted for him can’t afford to to pay for music.

  6. It’s the FTA networks in each state that determine what time Australian Idol is on, If they had any brains they would’ve aired it Live all across australia if they wanted it fair.. but they chose not to do it that way..

    It’s bad enough they money gauge by opening the lines before the 1st Singer starts up, From tonight they are now giving voters up until Friday night to vote so thats even more money Gauging.. The ACCC should look into this!.

  7. @itsross – Dont really think it is the end of the world…. Its only 14yo School Girls that watch the show…. Not like they would be reading this anyway

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