Lost meets Desperate Housewives?

Spoilers: It's all still speculative but there could be a remote crossover between these two ABC shows in the US.

wasWarning: Spoilers!

A crossover between Lost and Desperate Housewives? Surely one of television’s craziest notions.

But both are ABC shows, so there is a possibility it could eventuate.

Creator Marc Cherry says he is planning a plane to crash into Wisteria Lane as a mid-series cliffhanger. The incident would affect everyone’s lives.

“I’d love to kill somebody ’cause that’s just what I do,” he joked. “But the truth is, right now I don’t have anyone major dying.”

Now it seems the plane could be an Oceanic liner, the same carrier that crashed into Lost.

An insider said network executives are keen on the idea due to the series of promotional spots with casts from different ABC programmes.

“Everyone loved how well those ‘ABC House’ promos did last year,” they explained. “We’re looking at ways to find more fun crossovers between shows, and so the idea came up to have the Desperate Housewives plane be Oceanic.”

Oceanic is practically the unofficial carrier of fictional TV and film characters since it was first used in the movie Executive Decision. It has appeared in other shows including Alias, LAX, Pushing Daisies, Chuck, Fringe and was recently seen on a billboard in FlashForward with the words “perfect safety record.” Yeah right….

I just knew Mrs McCluskey was behind the Dharma Initiative all along!

Source: Digital Spy

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  1. I think this idea is dumb, i dont see why the need to bring lost back especially into DH end it already watched the first season of Lost and then lost interest. Where as DH is one of my fav shows.

  2. Its no secret that these two shows have been my die hard favorites for entire time they’ve been on air. A crossover sounds intriging, I can’t see it, but both shows have brilliant writing, so they may be able to come up with a gem. But then as some of the other posts shows, there may not be many that are fans of Both shows. Looks like some of the boys who watch Lost might think Housewives is too girly for them.

  3. “Perfect Safety Record”

    … I too agree the Lost premiere will featured a new beginning to the show. But I want to suspect that after an episode, everything returns to normal…. its fate after all.

  4. Did anyone see the major product placement in the pilot of FlashForward? The bus behind Joseph Fiennes had a promotional ad for Desperate Housewives right accross the side. It could haven not been more obvious. I guess ABC are advertising shows within shows now.

  5. this would bring up a few issues. one being that DH is timeless ie. they will never refer to the year being 2009. wheras Lost does.

    id be open to a crossover, but a plane crashing into wisteria lane is stupid.

  6. I’m just relieved it’s not the other way round (DH appearing in S6 of lost, phew!!!). Yeh noticed the Oceanic poster in FF, not fringe though- it’s good to see some crossovers. Can’t wait for Lost S6

  7. Well “perfect safety record” can only mean one thing….Juliet setting off the bomb did re-write history and the plane never crashed? Should be one interesting final season of Lost.

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