Lotto draw blocks Rafters

rafters lottoTuesday night’s Lotto numbers were so important they even blocked out the Packed to the Rafters family in Sydney.

Not sure which member of the family is trying to be seen here, but maybe they could moonlight on the Lotto draw just to be sure they get their mug on.


  1. @Aaron.

    This is not true, the feeds come off different desks, as sometimes, especially during the evening the gap between programs for NSW and VIC can be up to 2-3 minutes apart. So the draw will come out of clarity / CG out of the desk. We had many desk issues like this when I was working at Prime, although we manually put lotto to air and overrode the automation system, so the chances of us doing more wrong, was higher than Seven (ie. hitting roll and sending everyone to break)…

  2. @Kuttsywood: Just watched my recording of the show, and the silliness of it all is that they screwed up with an overlay graphic of the Oz Lotto results… seven minutes after they’d already shown the same draw live!

    Lottery draws have no place on FTA television. They’re nothing more than paid advertising skirting around the industry’s own rules about what constitutes advertising. And if you buy lotto tickets and are that desperate to find out the result… use the damn internet!

  3. Ch 7 had similar problems this morning on Sunrise. They couldn’t get commercials going before the 8:30 news break, so everything was delayed by a couple of minutes. There was no apology for the mishap. Somebody working in control room is either on drugs or they had problems with computers.

  4. @Craig: They can’t keep them off the screen, since they’re there as part of an advertising deal with the lotteries. Seven is paid to show them.

    And with Media Watch’s recent scrutiny of non-program material (including the FlashForward watermark) I’m surprised they haven’t picked up on the lotto-results deal yet.

  5. I don’t think it happened here, mind you with DLS the draw might have been an hour later during All Saints?

    BTW even without the ‘black out’ (hope that’s not racist?) I hate the lotto numbers one the screen during the program, especially if they were just had the draw during the previous ad break!

    Keep them off the screen or at least make them a little smaller.

  6. Hey, those lotto results are far, far more important than mere program material! Show some respect! 🙂

    I wonder if this happened in Melbourne as well… haven’t watched the episode on the PVR yet.

    By the way, while I’ve complained before about lotto results rudely superimposed over programs, I noted while watching the latest episode of Fringe that at least one network affiliate in the US has started doing it as well!

    These are the TV gifts Australia gives to the world – blackface and lotto results. Awesome 🙂

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