Spoilers: Desperate Housewives

desp2SPOILERS: And here is your look at what Wisteria Lane will look like after a plane crashes into Desperate Housewives during its current season in the US.

This won’t be that difficult for them to stage given the Lost plane is actually located behind the Wisteria houses on the Universal studio lot.

“It’s going to be my cliffhanger for the first half of the season,” he has said of the tragedy, which, he added, will “affect everyone’s lives.”

Initially Cherry said the crash would not claim the lives of any housewives. “The truth is, right now I don’t have anyone major dying,’ he said.

But now he has revealed that he plans to kill several characters, including what sources say is a ‘fan favourite’. Yikes.

If this is Mrs. McClusky there’s gonna be hell to pay ***Shakes fist***



Source: Daily Mail


  1. @Andy It’s more than likely they’re building house exteriors around the plane wreck, it’s not that far from Colonial Street, so it’s not a huge move.

    The photos are from the War of the Worlds set on the Universal Backlot, I was there this summer and the guide said that the plane set was not going to be moved anytime soon, as it would be used in a hit show this season.

  2. Didn’t I read somewhere that there was some odd idea of a Lost / Housewives crossover? Seems awfully handy from a plot development point of view to have a plane crash in Wisteria Lane for the potential of this synopsis making it to the screens. Also, let’s remember that both Lost and Housewives have skipped or backtracked in years and do have the ability to recap on missing timelines, so anything is possible. In terms of a fan favourite, I’m sure that the sweet dude who plays Andrew wants out of the series, so he could be in the line up for a dramatic write out.

  3. Main characters that are likely to get the chop are Karl, Julie, Orson, Katherine or Andrew. My money’s on the latter. It would finally give Bree a dramatic storyline outside the random sitcom things she’s had since season 3. And Mark has mentioned he would write about the grief of someone losing a child.

  4. I’m an utterly Huge fan of Desperate, and those houses aren’t any of the main characters houses. Although, I’m wondering whether Marc is deciding to kill of John Rowland? He isn’t really that big of a character, more background-ish. Although, someone rather familiar could be in one of those houses at the time of the crash.

    @PORKChop, I’d be interested in seeing pictures!

  5. That plane is also from War of The Worlds; as the set for War of the Worlds is on the Universal Hollywood backlot. And those photos look very similar to ones I have of the War of The World Set on my hard drive from my trip to USA back in 07.

  6. Not quite the Lost plane…this is the set of War of the Worlds and it is part of the Universal Studios backstage tour…it”s about 300 metres from where they film the street scenes for Desperate Housewives.

  7. I feel a sense of dejavu, I was at the universal lot in March this year, and yep, the Lost plane is right behing the wisteria lane set…PS the front of the houses is all styrofoam!!!!, and everything is fake!! the lightpoles, the flowers, the grass, the whole lot!!! if anyone wants any pics of it let me know!! i can either send them to you or you can view them on Facebook

  8. Isn’t the Lost plane in Hawaii? The one at Universal is from War of the Worlds. Or are they one and the same? So have they actually destroyed the Colonial Street set? Or are they rebuilding “demolished” house exteriors where the plane wreck set is?

  9. Dumb question but did they re-build the street else where or do this to the existing one like they did with the tornado last season?

    And how are they (Seven) going to keep this a secret, I’m sure many fans will be talking about it months before Seven air it, maybe it should be on 7TWO?

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