Survivor: Gabon doubles up

immunity-idol-survivor-gabonHeads up Survivor: Gabon fans.

UPDATED: We’re now burning off the remaining eps….

Tue Oct 20
8:30pm: 3 episodes.

Wed Oct 21
1pm: 2 eps rpts

Thu Oct 22
1pm: 1 ep rpt

Tue Oct 27
8:30pm 2 hr finale
10:30pm Reunion

Wed Oct 28
1pm 2 hr finale rpt

Thu Oct 29
1pm Reunion rpt

That also means The Bachelorette is out during these times.


  1. I wonder if they will put the new season on after this season finishes. We are so far behind and its been so great that they arent playing these episodes at 11pm at night like they use to on the other station (what was its name) Lol 😛

    go GO!

  2. Warning about the latest Survivor “Marathon” Promo

    * It ‘seems’ to reveal 1 or both of the final *

    Mute or turn away. (poor form nine, grrrr)

  3. Maybe the can also air Tocantins and Samoa in a few days in fast forward mode so as to clear the way for whatever shows they also wish to rush through.

    Half the pleasure of the show is watching it week by week, digesting each episode as it comes, and then anticipating what will happen next week.

    GO! = Lame

  4. are the 1am repeats still happening as well? right now the PG shows on GO! are getting 3 airings, primetime, couple of hours later in the early am and the next day in the arvo.

  5. That’s so bad! Why can’t Go repeat all 3 episodes at once on the Wednesday? What’s so important that they have to show instead? And now I have to ensure I’m home both days, else I won’t see it.

    24 hour gap between the finale and the reunion. Talk about ruining it.

    • In fairness to GO! it’s not a 24 hr gap between finale and reunion. It’s a 24 hr gap between repeats, which will always be a lower priority than first run. There’s 3 hrs worth on Tue night.

  6. Is the next season going to start earlier on Nine now? This is bizarre.

    @RichoTB, Gossip Girl was tanking in the ratings, getting half of what Moonlight was getting. So the switch made sense. They probably should have moved TVD there instead, with Moonlight following.

  7. What’s with all these random schedule changes on Go. Gossip Girl being shafted for Moonlight, a bunch of their staple shows like TMZ and The Hills being screwed around and now this. Seems like there’s a new schedule change every few days. Ever heard of consistency? Channel Nine management are hopeless.

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