Survivor: Tocantins for summer

survivorSurvivor: Tocantins will be airing on Nine during the summer.

The 18th season, set in Brazil, aired in the US in February. It follows Survivor: Gabon currently airing on GO!

Also set to come across summer is the long-awaited return of UK fantasy series Primeval with its mix of CGI dinosaurs and family adventure.

Nine also promises Fringe, What’s Good for You, Wife Swap, ER and The Mentalist for summer.

More titles are yet to be revealed.


  1. @Ben and Kylie – Boston Rob, Jerri, Rupert, Colby, James, Stephenie, Parvati and a few others from the earlier seasons, plus the big players from Gabon, Tocantins and Samoa are all back for season 20. I won’t name all of them as I’m not sure if that would be classified as a spoiler, but the season is reportedly Very Big.

  2. David, you can gather that I was also confused by (ok, didn’t read preperly) your post.

    First sentence mentions Nine, second sentence kind of implies Tocantins “follows … Gabon … on Go!”. If you’re not paying attention it’s easy to make the wrong connection.

    Nine really should stick with Go! for Survivor… at least there it’s safe from rescheduling/delays etc caused by cricket.

  3. It’s cheaper for Nine to show Tocantins than it is to show Samoa at this point in time…so I’m really not surprised by this. I’m glad that Nine have shown a little bit of confidence in it and are giving it a chance on the proper network in the summer…..I know that again it’s still a pretty low rung on the ladder…but it’s better than a HD channel.

    And anyway if it doesn’t rate in the non ratings period (lol) then it’ll just go back to GO.

  4. Give Survivor 20: All Stars 2 a primetime slot on the main channel and it will rate. Just promote the return of people like Boston Rob, Jerri etc. etc. (I don’t know a confirmed list, only rumours.) and the people will come back.

    I think the first All Stars was the last season given a decent timeslot on 9, IIRC.

  5. Really they should have held back on Survivor: Tocantins and skipped ahead to the current Samoa season. But it’s starting to look like Survivor has a permanent home on Go!

    It’s a shame they are so far behind, because even if they keep it in that slot and run Gabon, Tocantins and Samoa, before they even get into the second Samoa (All Stars) season, the winner will have been announced and it’ll be all over the net.

    They should double up the summer eps of Tocantins to catch up.

  6. The Mentalist? i assume these are repeats?
    how much is 9 going to run the few episodes into the ground. especially in the starts that didn’t have drop dead diva. if they play season 1 episodes some of them will be on for the 4th time in 18months.

    but i love wife swap and survivor. and the people waiting for years for primeval will be able to relax a bit.

  7. Disappointing news on Survivor. Had been holding out to see if they would follow on from Gabon with Samoa. Since they aren’t, it looks like I be watching the Samoa series.
    I don’t get it. Do they picked up the older Survivor series in some sort of clearance discount bin because they are past their use by date?

  8. Does Nine not want a see GO! develop into it’s own channel that is supported??

    Survivor Gabon was put on GO! in a primetime slot and I doubt Nine will do the same treatment to it on there main channel. Tocantins would be better suited remaining on GO! in the same timeslot as Gabon. Give Surivor fans a good timeslot and consistancy….

    We deserve it after 18 season’s of being shoved around onto possibly every timeslot imagineable.

  9. been waiting for primeval for only what? 2 years? i thought it would be on GO!, if they are putting all these GO! shows on 9, what will be on GO! over summer?

  10. Beware heavy editing of season 1 episodes of Fringe. Nine was cutting big slabs out of the episodes last time they aired them, removing content they considered too confronting and deleting entire scenes to shorten the running time (each season 1 episode is 50 minutes long).

    Season 1 is on DVD for $50 at JB HiFi, and I’d recommend those who haven’t yet seen the season just opt for that method.

  11. Why Nine are bothering with Fringe is beyond me after their treatment of it. They will just take it off after a week, even in supposed non-ratings. Mind you, S2 has been very very good!

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