Peter & Manu for My Kitchen Rules

Updated: Sydney chefs Peter Evans and Manu Feildel will be the judges of Seven's My Kitchen Rules in 2010.

MKRSydney chefs Peter Evans and Manu Feildel will be the judges of Seven’s My Kitchen Rules, to air in 2010.

Filming on the reality cooking contest began in Sydney last week. Produced in-house by Seven, it will see teams of two from each state competing to become “Australia’s best home-cooking team.”

Each team will compete from their own kitchens and will have to transform their home “into an instant restaurant for one pressure-cooker night.”

The series, which was originally expected in September, is a spin-off from My Restaurant Rules which aired two series on Seven some years ago.

Updated: Peter said, “To be honest with you I love people’s home cooking; that excites me more than restaurant meals sometimes. You can taste people’s passion when they’re cooking for you in their own homes.”

Manu added, “Cooking is only a part of the dinner. Designing the menu is just as important so I hope they use all the great local seasonal ingredients around them.”

In the My Kitchen Rules finals finalists will compete in a custom-designed restaurant space. The top two teams will battle it out as they each serve up their best three course meal to a full restaurant.

Source: news.com.au

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  1. Harry your a goose. As if everything 7 does is the best thing ever. The hosts are boring and that french guy does not look natural. As for the my kitchen rules headquaters it looks like the master chef headquaters. oh seven you bore me.


  2. “My Kitchen Rules” should be “My kitchen Fools” I read a blog recently which outlined the contestants from the pilot! They sounded fun and I would want to watch it! However, the people on the ad seem as boring as crap! Channel seven, It seems like you have pulled member of parliament out and put them in a T.V. show. Great idea, however, fire the person in charge of casting! Cheers James

  3. Wasn’t Pete Evans the guy who lost to Julia at making his own dish in the first few weeks of MasterChef that got her though to finals week? Kinda characterises what this MasterChef-copy will be: second rate.

  4. Oh heaven. I love Manu & Peter Evans. Good to see some eye candy on tv for women for a change! And they can cook! Not sure about the home cooking concept though. I prefer the restaurant rules concept – more excitement & drama – and pretty things to look at (such as the restaurant design).

  5. i am not against some cooking shows, but now there are just too many, is that all they think we want to watch, they sure know how to kill the golden goose, for gods sake they even had a movie on the other night about a top rated chef , catherine zetta jones was in it and to tell you the truth it was pathetic, please no more cooking shows its overdone, ha ha ha

  6. the only reason channel 7 puts this show to air is to make people get sick of cooking show and phase out masterchef’s success. 7 doesnt care about this show, the main goal is to make people not watch masterchef next year because channel 7 consists of massive ego jealous bosses.

  7. I dunno, it won’t be 6 nights a week like Masterchef, so put it on the right night and timeslot and i think it could rate very well. As long as they don’t pick snotty couples like they tended to do with My Restaurant Rules. But surely they would learn from Masterchef, we like nice people.

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