Nine fastracks CSI crossover

csi-fishbAnd here it is…..

Nine is fastracking the CSI triple episode crossover.

In the tale, which airs in the US on November 9 / 11 / 12, Laurence Fishburne’s character follows one case across three cities: Miami, New York and Las Vegas.

Nine will screen all three across one night on Thursday November 19th.

8:30pm CSI: Miami
Horatio Caine calls Dr Ray Langston to come to Miami when a severed leg found in the Everglades is discovered to belong to a girl who went missing in Las Vegas. Stars David Caruso and Laurence Fishburne.

9:30pm CSI: NY
Langston rushes to New York when Detective Mac Taylor and his team identify a woman hidden in a big rig following an accident as someone he interviewed in Miami related to his missing person’s case. Though the woman disappears after the accident, Langston and Mac discover they’re into an interstate trucking ring that specialises in human cargo and black market organ harvesting. Stars Laurence Fishburne and Gary Sinise.

10:30pm CSI
Langston’s continued search for the young girl taken hostage as part of the human trafficking operation leads him to investigate a prostitution ring in Las Vegas that may harbor the missing woman.


  1. Marco – I did read the article as I can read. 🙂 I know CSI NY is only on for 1 week but I want ch9 to leave it on every week so they can finish season 5. Now they are skipping to season 6.
    They put it on for a couple of weeks & then take it off. :@

  2. Vicky, CSI NY is coming back for one night only (and out of order, too) on November 19…didn’t you read the article? 😉

    jay jay I’m with Shelley, showing episodes out of order when most shows have ongoing character threads and story arcs is not fine at all. If Nine wants, I can send them a few episode guide websites so they can try to stick to the order? You probably have the CEO’s direct line or email so maybe you can provide?

  3. No doubt ch9 will change there mind and dont show it at all & make us wait until next year or never to watch it. They always favour CSI las vegas than Miami & NY. Come on ch9 be fair and show all of them. Also when is CSI NY ever coming back?

  4. @jayj ay – the fact that you think there are no on-going story arcs just proves you’re not watching or you’re not paying attention. I’m sick of nine thinking they can play stuff out of order and then leaving us to wonder why the shows don’t make sense! Cold Case last season was a perfect example! One minute Lily’s mum was dead, the next minute, she’s stopping by for a visit!

  5. i assume these eps where shown on different days in the US, 3 hours straight is too much csi. one way to make every one happy would be to show all eps of csi fast tracked that way they could show it in order.

  6. I had an awful feeling nine were going to this, in there ever misguided bid for ratings. Would it not have been better to wait until CSI NY aired over the summer and CSI Miami at least finished the last season? They could have showed it as the season opener for next year? So annoying.

  7. CSI is episodic, the order isn’t too important.
    I’m sure CSI will repeat on GO! eventually. Foxtel has been dying to get their hands on the repeat rights for years.

    @PORKchop – CSI isn’t just older skew, it has wide appeal. Just because it doesn’t appeal to you, doesn’t mean the rest of the country isn’t watching.

    As for ‘topshelf’ programmes on 7TWO – Ugly Betty/Heroes and the like are dead horses. They will be cancelled by the middle of next year.

  8. So the obvious question (from someone who lost interest in the shows years ago) is how out of order are the eps and are the 100% stand alone eps that won’t spoiler viewer for events that may not have aired on Nine yet?

  9. Well surprise, surprise. Nothing like airing episodes out of order to ensure the needs of a crossover (and ratings) are met. So never say never that 7 won’t air the Grey’s/Private Practice crossover in a few weeks given that PP has started and Grey’s hasn’t yet?

  10. I commend them for fast-tracking the shows….. one problem…… there was a character written out of Miami over the last couple of weeks (I wont say which one) and in New York there is an on-going story line that was just resolved with one of the characters physical abilities. So this is going to give away upcoming storylines to viewers.

    this shows the dangers of fast-tracking only 1 show from a franchise (especially one that announced there was going to be a crossover)

  11. Geez you dont get it Nine, the horse has bolted, people are over the CSI’s , your trying to inject life in a rotting carcass, the beauty of 7TWO is that former top shelf programming can get a decent run on that channel, you cant exactly shove a CSI on your stupid moronic GO! channel can you?

    And im not a nine hater/7 lover

    Nine you can please everyone, you are trying to push a younge rimage on your Nine brand, yet holding on to these shows that skew way older? Talk about having your cake and wanting to eat it also. Nine you have a major identity crisis, what are you? who are you trying to please?

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