Primetime Survivor on Nine’s summer

Updated: Survivor, Cold Case, Flashpoint, Motorway Patrol, Crusoe, Wipeout and NZ dramedy Burying Brian are some of Nine's treats in the first week of summer.

ssPrimetime Survivor, the return of Cold Case, Flashpoint, Motorway Patrol, Wipeout, CSI: New York, the premiere of Crusoe and continuing ER, Getaway are some of the offerings in Nine’s first week of summer.

Nine will also repeat Rescue: Special Ops, David Attenborough’s Life in Cold Blood, Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, and will strip Australia’s Funniest Home Videos in a 7pm half hour version after watching the idea perform on GO!

It will premiere Burying Brian, a NZ dramedy about a woman who wants to kill her hubby, but when it happens by accident she suddenly looks guilty. Whilst Nine gets drama points for this, it looks like also returning to its summer habit of first-run Aussie films late on Saturday nights to achieve the same result.

As promised, Survivor: Samoa is airing, now in primetime -the reason ‘Tocantins’ is whipping through multiple eps on GO! The series is currently on air in the US where nine episodes have screened. It should also be the first time the show airs in high definition in Australia.

Sun Nov 29
6:00pm Nine News
6:30pm 20 to 1 rpt
7:30pm David Attenborough’s Life in Cold Blood rpt
8:30pm Movie: Firewall rpt
10:40pm Movie: Suspect Zero

Mon Nov 30
6:30pm A Current Affair
7:00pm Australia’s Funniest Home Videos (Daily edition)
7:30pm Two and a Half Men rpt
8:00pm The Big Bang Theory rpt
8:30pm The Mentalist rpt
9:30pm Flashpoint
10:30pm Burying Brian
11:30pm Nine’s Late News

Tue Dec 1
7:30pm Survivor: Samoa
8:30pm Movie: Oceans Thirteen rpt
11:00pm Secret Diary of a Call Girl rpt 2 eps

Wed Dec 2
7:30pm Two and a Half Men rpt
8:00pm TBA
8:30pm Cold Case
9:30pm Cold Case rpt
10:30pm True CSI
11:30pm Nine’s Late News

Thu Dec 3
7:30pm Getaway
8:30pm Rescue: Special Ops rpt
9:30pm CSI: New York
10:30pm ER
11:30pm Nine’s Late News

Fri Dec 4
7:30pm Motorway Patrol
8:00pm Rapid Response
8:30pm Movie: The Last Samurai
11:45pm Nine’s Late News

Sat Dec 5
6:30pm Wipeout
7:30pm Crusoe
9:30pm Special: The Making of Avatar
10:00pm Movie: Jammed


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  1. How come Flashpoint didn’t do well in Australia the first time around?

    Right now we’re in the third season and our ratings have been climbing episode by episode. Unlike Australians, it’s hard to get Canadians to watch homegrown content here.

  2. Re: Survivor Samoa

    I think Tocantins and China are the only recent seasons where most contestants got a reasonable amount of air-time. There was a much more wholistic, well rounded approach to the editting and everyone got there fair share in the lime light. Samoa on the otherhand has just gravitated towards the a few players which leads to a very unsatifisfying overall viewing experience.

    Not suprisingly, both China and Tocantins featured only 16 castaways.

  3. Burying Brian is fantastic – I got it on dvd from New Zealand after a friend recommended it.
    It’s a cross between Desperate Housewives & that UK comedy on a few years ago. I really enjoyed it – very funny cast!

  4. i must say i dont mind sunday, monday and thursday as well as survivor on tuesday. i dont see why they dont put without a trace at 9 30 wednesday. also i think they should put something else on tuesday after 8 30. wednesday should also either have singing bee in the 7 30 slot or the middle following two and a half men.

  5. I realise ER is on Nine now, but with a 41 episope backlog, they got so behind with this, they’ll need to screen double episode blocks (probably twice a week), over the summer recess, to finish screening the final episodes.

  6. Funniest Home videos?? almost as bad as 2.5 men. Hopefully this will mean more ppl watching 7pm project, helping them gain more ratings for next yr. Thankfully ch9 has the cricket otherwise i wouldnt be watching ne thing on that channel!

  7. Re: Dave. It says a lot when a reality TV show can still be that good after 19 seasons. I haven’t seen Samoa yet but I look forward to watching it in primetime. I think the last time Survivor aired at 7.30pm was against an early series of Dancing with the Stars, so it didn’t stand much of a chance in the ratings. I’m hoping it does well this time around and remains on Nine primetime for future seasons. With the recent article revealing Nine Programmer Michael Healy as a big fan of Survivor, I’m hopeful Nine will give it the chance this excellent show deserves.

  8. not much for me. i wouldn’t be very disapointed if funniest home videos is a flop. it should give HIMYM and 7PM a good shot.

    so many shows i was expecting that are not there: celebrity singing bee, trouble in paradise, eastwick, the forgotten, hank, community, wife swap. ect.

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