‘Roscoe’ calls it quits

irIan ‘Roscoe’ Ross has confirmed what we’ve expected all along -that he will retire at the end of the year.

Seven’s most senior Sydney newsreader will hand over the reins to Chris Bath in just three weeks time.

His final bulletin will be on Friday, November 27th.

Ross’ retirement follows expectations this year that he would retire after being coaxed to stay on for 2009. In July it was reported that David Leckie agreed to let him go when his contract expired in December.

“I had thought about quitting last year but [he and Seven] came to a mutual agreement that I would do another year,” Ross said.

Former Nine News presenter Mark Ferguson will become Seven’s weekend presenter while Bath currently co-presents Sunday Night.

But the shift could open some opportunities for Nine if viewers decide not to stick with the new Seven team. While Nine News with Peter Overton still trails terribly, it has shown some improvement in recent months. Nine’s year was ruined by the fumbled changing of the guard from Ferguson to Overton, but with a new set and a new year can it manage to put the past behind it?

Meanwhile another report today suggests Seven CEO David Leckie could also retire within two years. That would leave names such as James Warburton, Tim Worner, Melbourne’s Peter Lewis and Brisbane’s Max Walker as possible candidates for the role. But a Seven spokesman talked down any exit, tipping he had “another 5 years” in him.

Source: Sunday Telegraph


  1. Goodbye Roscoe, it is with sadness that you are retiring, there will be heaps of people who will miss you; me included, all the best for the future and Congratulations to Chris Bath, she is a little easier on the eye; sorry Roscoe. I think Chris is destined for bigger and better things, Go Girl Power!

  2. It will be sad when Roscoe does retire , Ian Ross has done a great job with Seven news , I hope Chris Bath will do a good job , I for one will miss Ian Ross , I wish Roscoe all the best ,

  3. David Leckie leaving 7 could only be a downgrade imo. people may think that he is a knob, but he sure does know how to do his job.

    i’ve never had much to do with ross being a melboune person but i hope he gets a good exit.
    end of the year? i thought a good time to sign off would be on the night of the Australian open Mens final. 7 news has a high amount of viewers that night. if he leaves in December there are not many big opportunities.

  4. He made his movie debut on The castle.

    Anyway I’m disappointed that he’s leaving, and even more so that he’s being replaced by Chris Bath. I would much prefer Ann Sanders to take his place, unfortunately she only has the 1130am gig.

  5. I think it should be pointed out that Ian Ross retired a few years ago, and before that was already semi-retired. How many times can you retire??

  6. It was reported earlier this year by Leckie(?) that Bath would not be doing Sunday Night and 7 News (weekdays) next year. I’m assuming this means we will see a new co-host for Sunday Night, would love to see Nat Barr take over.

  7. ‘but with a new set and a new year can it manage to put the past behind it?’
    You can have the greatest set in the world but if your content is awful, you are never going to ‘stick it’ to Seven News.

  8. Well end of great career for Roscoe,remember him for his years reading Today show news.Hope he enjoys his retirement.Mark Ferguson might be reading weeknight news l think,Chris will have to have holidays before starting new year in chair and ratings start again

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