Supernatural back for TEN’s summer

supernaturalNew episodes of Supernatural, The Office, Numb3rs, Law and Order, Californication, Glee and Futurama are coming to TEN over summer.

The network has revealed its first week of programming for the non-ratings season, beginning November 29th.

It will premiere Family Guy spin-off, The Cleveland Show and launch new Jenna Elfman comedy Accidentally on Purpose.

White Collar, which premieres on November 25th, continues.

It will also repeatĀ  The Simpsons, Merlin, Little Britain USA, Bondi Vet, Lie to Me, Rules of Engagement, Law and Order: CI.

TEN airs US game shows Don’t Forget The Lyrics and, for the first time, the US version of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?

Three New Zealand shows will air including new Outrageous Fortune, Karaoke High and The Hothouse.

The 7PM Project airs for 1 hr on Mondays and Fridays.

Sun Nov 29
6:00 The Simpsons rpt
6:30 Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader? (US)
7:30 Glee (updated)
8:30 Just for Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival 2009
10:30 Dave Hughes is Handy
11:30 Movie: The Guru

Mon 30
6:00 The Simpsons
6:30 Neighbours
7:00 The 7PM Project
8:00 Futurama
8:30 Supernatural
10:30 TEN Late News with Sports Tonight
11:15 Medium rpt

Tue 1
7:00 The 7PM Project
7:30 Accidentally on Purpose
8:00 The Office
8:30 White Collar
9:30 Numb3rs
10:30 TEN Late News with Sports Tonight
11:15 House rpt

Wed 2
7:30 The Simpsons Hour rpt
8:30 The Cleveland Show
9:00 The Simpsons rpt
9:30 Little Britain USA rpt
10:05 Californication
10:40 TEN Late News with Sports Tonight
11:25 Law & Order: CI rpt

Thu 3
7:30 Rules of Engagement rpt
8:00 The Office
8:30 Lie to Me rpt
9:30 Law & Order: CI rpt
10:30 TEN Late News with Sports Tonight
11:15 9:30 Numb3rs rpt

Fri 4
6:30 Neighbours final
7:00 The 7PM Project
8:00 Bondi Vet rpt
8:30 Law & Order
9:30 Outrageous Fortune
10:30 The Hothouse
11:30 TEN Late News
12:00 Sports Tonight

Sat 5
6:00 Karaoke High
6:30 Don’t Forget the Lyrics US
7:30 Merlin rpt
8:30 Movie: Titanic rpt
12:10 Rock of Love


  1. Thank you Ten for putting Supernatural back on! This is the best written show on TV. I am so glad it’s back…

    I’d love to see Smallville (Season 9) too! And thanks for putting SGU on.. It’s a great show. I love Glee too!

  2. Does anyone know the song from the latest summer promo advertisements on channel 10 for shows like the office, super natural and the cleveland show?
    The only lyrics i could understand are “If looks could kill”, and I have searched everything to try and find this song, but can’t find it :[

  3. Yes Supernatural is back… I’d like to think my letter made a difference. This is the best birthday present ever. Okay i’m a tad late, but i think finding out on my birthdy was worth the wait, and its at a decent time which is what i preached about and it’s not following the worthy but always incredibly late show. I am so, so, so excited, words cannot emote not fathom… I think massively epically hell excited will d… Just quit screwing us aroung like you have been doing.

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