triple j with the doctor ending

docABC series triple j with the doctor is finishing after four seasons.

The youth show hosted by triple j radio presenter The Doctor (Lindsay McDougall) aired its last ever episode on Monday night on ABC2.

The sometimes-irreverent show included interviews, comedy, music performances, segments from Sam Simmons (The Urban Monkey with Murray Foote) and radio shows including Hack and behind the scenes footage from radio shows.

The Doctor hosted the show linking together various elements of the show. The episode which aired on Monday only indicated a 2009 final, not the end of the programme.

triple j tv, which superceded the former JTV brand in early 2008, will continue with music specials in 2010.

An ABC spokesperson told TV Tonight, “triple j tv with The Doctor will not be returning in 2010, however, the triple j tv brand will live on strong in the new year with a continued focus on the special events and live music programs that triple j tv fans love.

“The first of these will be Before Too Long: triple j’s Tribute to Paul Kelly, an hour-long tribute concert to Paul Kelly featuring many Australian performers including Missy Higgins, John Butler and the man himself, filmed by triple j tv at the Forum in Melbourne. It will screen on Australia Day, January 26 at 8.30pm, ABC2.”

Triple J TV’s excellent 2008 youth forum series The Hack Half Hour hosted by Steve Cannane has yet to return as a stand-alone programme. The show, which debated serious topics with young adults, was even nominated for a Walkley Award.

The Doctor is currently part of triple j’s breakfast show with Marieke Hardy and Robbie Buck but is believed to be leaving the radio show too. Lindsay McDougall spent 15 years as band member of rock outfit Frenzal Rhomb, before taking up duties with triple j.

ABC2 has had a tricky public relations time lately with younger viewers, following the dismissal of Good Game co-host Junglist. After initial statements about refreshing the brand, the broadcaster was forced to admit to behind the scenes issues being at the centre of his exit, when Junglist made public online statements which disagreed with the official version.

This week ABC also confirmed to TV Tonight that Can We Help? would be freshened for its fifth series in 2010, dropping studio segments and one of its cast members.


  1. Whats wrong with commercial music you say? Just about everything. I like to listen to artists who write their own songs. If you are happy listen to pop songs with no substance littered with autotune vocals between inane ads, then good luck to you,

  2. @ John : Commercial music is vaccuous – some of us like a bit of depth and substance to our music hence bands like The Arcade Fire or Animal Collective are making music that still sounds rich and exciting years later.

  3. @ Stan – I think Hey Hey is the biggest pile of garbage ever produced. So if it was Hey Hey with the Dr I still wouldn’t have watched it.

    Also, I think most of us a referring to the attitude that comes from most uni students – I doubt anyone has a problem with people furthering their education.

    Unfortunately you cannot break everyone’s viewing habits down into a formula – too many peeps with too many different tastes.

  4. Geez! This month ABC has been giving Nine a run-for-their-money in the Axe Happy Awards of 2009.

    Also, from most of the comments here, because it wasn’t ‘Hey Hey With The Doctor’ it wasn’t worth airing. How dare some people go to uni? And love it!

  5. I found it really irritating too – same vibe as Hungry Beast – we go to uni therefore we are soooooo cool and smart.

    Much preferred the Hack half hour. I loved Recovery when it was on but don’t think Dyaln Lewis can do ‘serious’ so if he took over from Lindsay I’d say the show would be much the same.

    Pretty much given up on Good Game now too – bloody Hex!

  6. JTV was great and I always watched it but this incarnation Really lagged and I switched off, especially with them not showing it on Saturday mornings. And I actually like The Doctor.

  7. He was awkward listening on the radio and a little less awkward on television however am very surprised he had 4 years of employment (well it is the ABC, not monitored by performance). So glad to see the breakfast team on JJJ replaced too….. They we just so obnoxious and very rarely funny however i think they cracked themselves up..

  8. I just want a better show. Its pretend alternative, uni-student stylings have not made great viewing. I hope it comes back with a host like Dylan Lewis in a different more serious format with a comedic sharp edge.

  9. Y’know, much as I’m always pleased to see content and hosting that leans more towards the “out-there”, McDougall always, always annoyed the hell out of me. I don’t exactly know why, and I’m sure it wasn’t just his fault; there seemed to be this forced, artificial quirkiness about the show which made watching it to catch interviews or performances a bit of a trial.

    The whole thing stank of cooler-than-thou, basically. No joy in it at all. And that’s not what music is about.

    I won’t miss it one bit.

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