Carols sings a high note for Nine

carolsThe biggest audience for last week was Nine’s Carols by Candlelight when it drew a huge 1.77m viewers and netted Nine a staggering 45.9% share.

By comparison it was an even bigger network share than TEN’s win with the MasterChef finale (41.3).

Strictly speaking, Carols does not finish as the #1 show of the week which was The Vicar of Dibley Christmas Special (again) on 1.28m viewers. The reason? Carols repeat screening on Christmas Day sliced its overall numbers by nearly half.

Nonetheless, the Nine Network was first for the non-ratings week with 29.8 ahead of Seven’s 26.9 and TEN’s 18.4. The ABC had 17.6 and SBS 7.3.

From today OzTAM begins to add Timeshifting figures to its ratings data. And so begins a new game….

Week 52


  1. this was the worst by 9 in living memory (so i am told!)

    as far as carols goes, get back to basics 9!!!

    and please don’t ever use breakfast tv anchors (doh!)

    very shabby

  2. Happy for Nine, however was one of the worst Carols By Candlelight in years…so lost it’s tradition and meaning..was more of a concert than Carols by Candlelight… family could not sing along…did not realise the Abba song “I Dreamed a Dream” was a Christmas Carol…!!!

    • Yeah I noticed that. But in truth there have been a number of non-Xmas songs over the years hijacked from elsewhere. Even Guy Sebastian introduced “War is Over (Happy Xmas)” as his “favourite Carol.”

  3. That reads like Seven press release spin to me. Forget about repeats it’s the #1 show of the week by a mile. Can only imagine what it peaked at – probably something like 2.5m.

    Not a fan myself but it seems to be extremely popular year after year.

  4. I hope Nine wins 2010 and Seven loses. I am sick of factuals at 7.30pm, I want to be entertained not watch people rescuing sick animals or some person being searched for drugs.

  5. It may have had big figures this year, but next year it will be at least 1 fewer… I thought it was terrible and really, no-one deserves Karl Stefanovic on Christmas Eve… Bring back Ray!

  6. I don’t think the repeat of Carols should be combined with the first broadcast as it unrealistic to do that. Firstly it is on different times, so you cannot compare the results. And second, why would the second result cut the numbers in half, the result should be added together, not just divided between the screenings.

  7. The time shift viewing alone could have a big impact on next years numbers.

    So much has changed in 12 months, new channels, new ratings methods things will never be the same again.

    Maybe they will even fast track more shows in 2010?

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