Gone: Stargate Universe, Supernatural

Sci fi in Australia takes another hit. Standby for Monday night movies.

SupernaturalBoy, that didn’t take long….

TEN has dropped Stargate Universe and Supernatural from Monday nights.

Both shows are now out of schedule, giving the new sci fi just three weeks on air before being pulled.

On Monday night Stargate Universe took 487,000 viewers, leaving Supernatural just 394,000 and more importantly a lowly evening share of just 16% for the night.

They will be replaced by Monday night movies:
Jan 4: The Siege (1998)
Jan 11: Double Jeopardy (1999)
Jan 18: Speed (1994)

TEN is probably working out where to reschedule unaired episodes of both shows…. keep you posted on this one.

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  1. I sat down tonight to try watch supernatural to find out its been canned and replaced with crap. That was the best veiwing of the week and channal 10 needs to wake up. I only caught the first episode of this series by accident , so were was the advertising for it , no wonder ratings were down alot of people i have talked to didnt know it was back on eaither. Well nothing to watch on that channal anymore.

  2. Yes I agree with all the other people on this blog, SGU should not have been axed it wasnt even given a fair go. But to add to all that is going on, do you all know that for the past ten yrs ive been trying to find out when they are going to release “Malcom in the Middle” on DVD.They wont!!! The worst part is that Channel 10 have bought it out right, wont release it due to money cant decide what price to charge WHY??? They always air it at a stupid time so you cant watch!!! This is what they do to all the popular shows and then say that there arnt enough viewers. load of crock!! Bring back all the good ones and stop repeating things from the seventies some are really boring!! Oh and “dont care” your an idiot with no imagination get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Bring Supernatural back! Ratings are a sham anyway…they don’t know exactly how many viewers watch a show. They have a Tiny sample size of people and work it out statistically. It’s a shame they don’t really know what people want. I’d be happy to inform TV stations about what I enjoy watching, but they don’t care. Many great shows with strong fan bases have been axed over the years because not enough people in their lil’ sample sizes (I’ve read about 500 people a city which is nothing) watched a show. Get some real data, keep people happy.

    Oh, and when people work sometimes it’s hard to stay up and watch a show, despite loving it. Supernatural should be on earlier.

  4. This is why people download shows. It’s either that or wait unbearably long for it to come out on dvd (and pay ridiculous amounts for it, when they could have watched it on free to air).

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