Auditions: Perfect Partner / Big / ACA

CoupleA new dating show, a weight-loss programme and A Current Affair are all looking for people to appear on television in 2010.

My Perfect Partner (presumably the name of the show) wants guys and girls aged 25-35 who are searching for love, but frustrated by the dating scene.

Described as “a genuine quest to find the one for you” it promises to take care “of absolutely everything.” -big call!

Online applications at close 5pm Monday 18th January 2010 (applications are actually open for those over 18). Expect to detail a lot of info about your lovelife thus far. No word if it is welcoming same-sex applicants. In 2010 you would hope so…

Meanwhile a new weight loss series needs an individual who is battling obesity to be filmed for 8-10 months as they lose weight.

The series seeks someone under 45yrs, very overweight and committed to losing lots of weight. For this demanding role, your weight-loss journey will be filmed in your home with family and friends all becoming part of the story.

“Your daily life will go on normally except now you will have a weight loss partner, making sure you are eating correctly, exercising and mentally becoming more positive knowing that you are well supported and can achieve your weight-loss goal,” say casting directors. They also emphasise absolute commitment. “Once chosen to be part of this documentary there is no backing out; no turning back.”

To enquire about this one contact [email protected] (Nine has promised a new weight loss show in 2010 called Big).

Finally A Current Affair wants families to be story subjects in 2010.

Across the year it draws upon a big rollcall of candidates for stories. Families of all ages and demographics are sought here, and those available on short notice are preferred.

ACA advises “Get out your handycam and shoot a showreel. In less than 60 seconds, introduce us to your family, giving us a peep at your place and telling us why your family should become an ACA Field Test Family.” More info at the ACA website.

Terms and Conditions are here.


  1. its good helping people loose weight,, but i just want to know why is it that its always the big people that you need,,why dont shows ever ask for sizes 14-16 that are dying to get to a size 8-10 because their the ones that you will find that are mostly depressed about loosing those extra weight and cant do it because of different circumstances…..

  2. Great, another dating/matchmaking concept where more often than not, the couples never end up staying together because it was all a novelty to begin with and another weight loss show. Nine flogging dead horses yet again. And more reports of “which suburb has the cheapest supermarket” on ACA with average Australian families seeing how much they can fill in their trolleys for $100. Nine in 2010, “Still the same”.

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