Matthew Johns in Seven deal

After lengthy speculation, Matthew Johns will sign a contract with Channel Seven.

The Daily Telegraph notes Johns will appear on Seven while his sports variety program continues in development.

Johns was let go last year by the Nine Network following tumultuous headlines over his participation in a 2002 group sex incident. The story hit the headlines via a Four Corners story, was followed with an interview on A Current Affair and led to his being stood down by David Gyngell.

More recently, Johns formed a production company with ad man John Singleton.

There is every possibility a new NRL sports show could emerge for the Sydney and Brisbane markets to complement the new AFL show featuring Peter Helliar and Matthew Richardson. That show is tipped for an early evening broadcast on either a Wednesday or Thursday nights.

Seven has been looking to shore up an NRL brand in the lead up to the next rights bid.

Source: Daily Telegraph


  1. Gloria Holloway

    I have always thought that channel 7 had a touch of class in all your programs sport being tops. Your presenters like Johanna,Bruce,Jim at the tennis make the Show more interesting. Tony Squires is who you need not Mathew John No!!!!! no!!!!! Class is what we viewers want……Always.

  2. Girls united

    Channel 7 are pigs and so is anyone that watches that pathetic excuse for a man. Glorifying him is disgraceful. Chanel 7 is out at this campus – lets start a massive boycott of channel 7 !

  3. Ruth I believe you mean Rugby Union is the number one football code (given that soccer isn’t a football code). Nobody outside of Australia or New Zealand plays NRL. Duh!

  4. Fiona – you’re comment is so true.

    Why do we never hear “And today peace broke out on the Gaza strip….”

    If anyone ever wonders whether God will ever forgive us for what we have done to each other, God left this place a long time ago. Come on society, be more interested in the destruction of human life than watching some bogan prance around on a show in an attempt to clean his image.

  5. Yuck. What is wrong with humanity? How can anyone watch this show without thinking about his lack of morals, his lack of regret & his lack of acceptance that his behaviour was wrong. His ACA interview was a staged PR stunt and a complete joke. I don’t care if the MJ Show ‘reaches the Qld market better than The Footy Show”, anyone with half a brain or a good set of morals Won’t be watching it.

  6. Can I encourage all those idiots making ‘he’s such a great guy, poor him for what the media did to him’ comments to watch the four corners interview with the teenage girl. No she didn’t consent. The poor girl tried to kill herself for god’s sake. Why is this guy on prime-time tv? Disgusting. This is offensive to all women or to men who can imagine how they’d feel had it been their daughter that night.

  7. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones! If everyone had to have their life scrutinised by the public do you think everyone would have a perfect record? I think not! People’s personal lives should not be of public interest, even when they are in the public eye – do you know what your neighbours or the people you work with do in the bedroom?

    At the moment Lara Bingle and Micheal Clarke are in the headlines while in Nigeria pre-dawn attacks, near the town of Jos, in which hundreds of children, women and elderly men were hacked with machetes and burned doesn’t even make it to the headlines!

    What kind of world are we living in when the general public are more interested in celebrities and sports people’s relationships then in the state of humanity.

    Keep it real!

  8. Judith Robinson

    7 has made a bad decision in hiring John’s. This matter is not over…and is not simply a matter between him and his wife. There is oh so much more involved…and I for one will never support John’s or 7 by watching the program, or indeed watching many of the programs I used to enjoy on 7. Thanks to their decision to hire Johns they have lost me (and many of my friends) as a viewer until Johns he is removed permanently from our screens.

  9. Cricket and tennis rate better than both, consistently.

    Anyway why is there always a fight over: Who’s is bigger. Both rate very well here in Australia and its great that Australia can love more than 1 sport all year round. There is about 4-6 sports that rate very well here in Australia.

  10. This demographic member in the Brisbane market wont be watching that %$#&*()^% no way! Gimme Paul Fatty Vautin anytime (without Mr John’s and al his awful characters if you please).

  11. Matthew Johns has been punished & rubished by the Media for what he did. Let’s move on and give him a go.
    My family is looking forward to the earlier timeslot on 7. Peter Heliar should be good too.
    Rugby League will always be the Number One code because it’s a International game whereas AFL is Australia only.

  12. Well said John. The SMH did do a story on how League outrated AFL.
    People at 7 should be concerned with people who have actually committed a crime. Not Johns
    Peter meakin DUI 3 times and lucky not to be in the big house Source,23739,22941849-953,00.html

  13. johns is a hack and i don’t see what the attraction is, oh yeah i guess i do – seven’s after the ed hardy wearing, dodgy gangbangs are cool, bogan audience dollar.

    he should have moved on to cleaning toilets somewhere.

  14. @ Warren, you state that AFL rates at least three times more than Rugby League over a season. Could you please quote the figures that prove this astonishing claim? Whilst I have no doubt that the weekly AFL club matches beat the NRL games, tjat os to be expected, given that AFL is played and followed in more states than Rugby League is. I just don’t see how its audience is treble that of Rugby League, given that the three State of Origin matches routinely rate their heads off across the country, as does the NRL Finals series and the Test matches.

  15. 1. The show will work
    2. Ratings – No one gives a crap about Perth or Adelaide.. Deal with it.. The dollars are in Sydney and Melbourne and to a lesser extent in Brisbane.. As Paul Keating once said, if you are not living in Sydney or Melbourne you are camping out..!!
    3. How is Nines NRL coverage Sydney centric..?? Last year 19 out of 26 friday night games were the Broncos(15) or the Titans(4) (Live into QLD)…Just because 9 in Sydney shows a game, don’t assume that same game is shown live in Brisbane….
    4. The coverage is “sydney-centric” because 9/16 teams are in Sydney!! Should TCN spend all their air time promoting the warriors, for the 300 people in Sydney who give a crap about them…

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