My Kitchen Rules Mondays and Tuesdays

Seven has revealed its airdates for My Kitchen Rules, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, Grey's Anatomy, 30 Rock, Family Guy plus 24 & Heroes on 7TWO.

Seven has announced its new shows set to air in the run-up to official ratings.

In the week of January 31st it will launch My Kitchen Rules (both Monday and Tuesday night) and new factual ICU on Wednesday.

Returning are new seasons of Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, Grey’s Anatomy, 30 Rock, Gangs of Oz and Family Guy. Criminal Minds resumes new episodes after the season began late last year.

It also premieres US drama Royal Pains and has two double episodes of A Touch of Frost.

Thursday nights look ripe for new content in the week of ratings (Feb 7) as well as Sundays. There are also double episodes which will make room for other shows.

Seven is yet to declare a start-up for Cougar Town.

24 will premiere with a double episode at 8.30pm Tuesday Feb 2nd on 7TWO with a second double ep a week later. Heroes returns 9:30pm Thursday Feb 4th.

Sunday Jan 31
6:30pm Australian Open. Men’s Final

Monday Feb 1
6:00pm Seven News
6:30pm Today Tonight
7:00pm Home & Away
7:30pm My Kitchen Rules. Premiere
8:30pm Desperate Housewives. New Season.
9:30pm Brothers and Sisters. New Season.
10:30pm Royal Pains. Premiere
11:30pm 30 Rock. New Season.

Tuesday Feb 2
7:30pm My Kitchen Rules
8:30pm Grey’s Anatomy. New Season. Dbl ep.
10:30pm 10 Years Younger in 10 Days (NZ)
11:00pm My Shocking Story rpt

Wednesday Feb 3
7:30pm RSPCA Animal Rescue. New Season.
8:00pm ICU. Premiere
8:30pm Criminal Minds. Season Return.
9:30pm Gangs of Oz. New Season.
10:30pm Highway Patrol rpt
11:00pm SCU: Serious Crash Unit rpt
11:30pm Scrubs rpt

Thursday February 4
7:30pm Mighty Ships
8:30pm Bones rpt dbl ep
10:30pm Family Guy. New Season.
11:00pm Family Guy rpt dbl ep

Friday February 5
7:30pm Better Homes and Gardens. New Season
8:30pm A Touch of Frost. dbl ep
10:30pm M: Bird on a Wire updated

Saturday February 6
6:30pm Movie: Cool Runnings rpt
8:30pm A Touch of Frost dbl ep
10:40pm Suburban Secrets
11:10pm Real Crime

Subject to change.

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  1. So, So disappointed, 1st Eliminating the two girls over Veronica n Shadie , when you listen to the chefs verdicts whilst eating then giving their scores are they really their score, why don’t they have to write them down so they can’t be changed after hearing other chefs scores. Ok so they didn’t have the sauce but i was in tears at the elimination of Mossy n Gabe their dish was presented well, as for Better Homes n Gardens cook bah ha. So what she is executive chef n owns two Restaurants she’s still a cook n talks to much.

  2. Two things Channel 7 why is 24 on 72 and not 7 I love 72 but cant tape7.No 2 you have chosen professional chefs to judge MKR finals but why use a cook from Better Homes and Gardens, I do not consider her a Chef, cant stand her on BH&G.

  3. I agree with @Damon – Seven are idiots for putting 30 Rock on at 11.30 at night and it would dumber to put Parks and Recreation at 12.00.
    Personally, I reckon that they should put both shows on in a prime-time slot so that viewers can catch them.

  4. Fantastic to see DH is back. I don’t see Packed to the Rafters anywhere. Is there any chance of the finale of PTTR being replayed before the new season starts? As my parents and I missed seeing the last episode which had Rebecca Gibney’s character Julie giving birth to her fourth and last child.

  5. The linup is ok. But keeping in mind that ratings don’t start till Feb. 7.

    Regarding certain shows not being there, like all networks they need to hang on to some shows for the second half of the year rather than overload it all off in the first half. Look what happened in 2007 with the writers’ strike. Networks were scrambling to find shows to fill the timeslots because all of the series that were predicted to be on finished half as early.

    So if you don’t see certain shows yet, just wait they will be back 🙂
    Same goes for ABC 9 and 10
    MKR… Hmm will be interesting to see how to pans out.

  6. Agree that the “state vs state” idea for MKR is sooo lame. Who cares what state they are from? Not me. Channel 7 obviously have little idea what made Master Chef so appealing if they think this ad campaign is going to pull in viewers.

  7. Stephen I – and it seems you’re forgetting about how successful Popstars was on Seven initially, which was before Idol even came along..

    And what’s with the PC brigade invading the TV Tonight comments? Plenty of shows have all anglo casting, doesn’t make them any less watchable.

  8. Great to see Desperate Houswives and Brothers and Sisters back to back again but the rest of the schedule looks dull and boring. That cooking show is just a Masterchef rip off so I am not going to bother. Grey’s is not my cup of tea but not surprised bout the move though. Expect doubles to finish it off by Rafters return around June. Oh well at least we have Nine, Ten and the ABC.

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