Returning: Home and Away

haaySeven’s ever-popular soap Home and Away will return to screens at 7pm Monday January 25th.

Here is a hint of what’s in store.

Mon Jan 25
In the 2010 season return, Charlie’s life hangs in the balance as Hugo desperately tries to cover his tracks. Meanwhile, Martha is still trapped in Derrick’s car unaware of Hugo’s involvement.

Tue Jan 26
Angelo is determined to catch Derrick and asks for help from an unlikely source. Meanwhile, Wayan emerges from surgery, but his recovery is deemed touch and go.

Wed Jan 27
The shocking news spreads through Summer Bay as friends and family come together to make sense of what has happened.

Thu Jan 28
As Nicole tries to work out what’s going on with Aden, Liam approaches her in an effort to repair their relationship.

Fri Jan 29
Romeo and Xavier’s plan for a good deed backfires leaving them with a lot of explaining. Meanwhile, Aden confides in Geoff.


  1. Brisvegas – I do agree about the humour. Lets hope it’s genuinely funny though and not lame – hard to do at 7pm, and often depends on the prowess of the cast…

  2. I love a good soapy coma. Especially when the actor has a bandaged head and beeping machines while some other nutjob sits there and talks to them.

    Then there is the other great soap character – the bad boy/girl who ruins everyones life for about two weeks before being revealed as a troubled person who is actually quite likeable, which of course they become overnight. Next up is a romance with another popular character, then they go through all sorts of break-ups and get-back-togethers before they get married in the “must-see event of the year” and then one of them dies. Soap writing 101.

    And why is it that in the Bold And The Beautiful, they all live in houses with no windows? Has natural light not made it to America yet?

    Also, why wouldn’t the young starlets in our soaps now realise that “leaving the show to pursue a career in music” doesn’t work? Hasn’t Stefan Dennis taught them anything?

  3. Last year must have been the worst season of H&A ever. Everyone was utterly miserable and dying or accused of murder or kidnapping someone or getting a disease (did I mention rape, getting run over and people trafficking?).

    By constantly going for “big” storylines they have managed to make “big” bland and the show depressing to boot. Meanwhile, there seem to be too many undeveloped characters, too many boring ones and then some that aren’t even used – What does Leah even do? They need to work out their strengths, cut the fat, and work on writing some balanced episodes with humour and drama in equal measures.

    I know they’re advertising the “Bay Of Love” to try and convince us this is what they are doing, but I don’t trust that they know how to fix it.

    And the ratings are fine, but they aren’t what they were a few years ago and they took a wallop from MasterChef and Two and a Half Men hurt too.

  4. Lewis – Im not saying for them to come up with new ideas thats not been done before – what i am saying is that lately, the storylines seem to involve someone always having their lives in danger. It just seems to have been pretty “heavy” for a while now, with storylines usually having something to do with the police station and/or hospital.

    Maybe thats just me – i’d like a bit more humour. Hopefully going by what “alf” said earlier, that might be what happens. If it works – great, if not – well they gave it a try.

    Good point though – if they have the ratings, why bother change – if its not broken dont fix it 🙂

  5. Brisvegas et al: I challenge you to come up with a single idea that hasn’t been done on either Home and Away or Neighbours. These shows have been going for 20+ years, 5 shows a week – there is nothing new left to do and hasn’t been for years. Hence their attempts to do different things on them, which are continually decried by their detractors. So either you go back to the formula of the old days, which has nothing new and no freshness to it (ie, it gets very boring very quickly), or you get rid of the shows and start something new. Maybe the latter is the answer. But look how badly Out of the Blue fared. And with the ratings Home and Away gets Seven will never do that, or at least not for a while until it starts to tank.

  6. Noooooooo
    I can’t stand home and away.
    How I met your mother FTW!, I’d rather they kept playing the same (almost) 100 episodes of that over and over instead.

  7. Definitely agree, loving the early years of Home and Away that are on at the moment but the new eps are nowhere near as good and are tired and boring in comparison. Would also love to see more 2 hour a week classic soaps like Prisoner, E Street, Sons and Daughters and Cop Shop.

  8. Adam Winsor (feral beral)

    We need some more classic aussie soaps on air, i love home and away and Neighbours but do agree with some people, they are becoming a little tired and need to change to stay relevant. I’d like to see another 5 nights soap on air and maybe some 2 one hour episode drama’s like Prisoner,Chances,Pacific Drive,Sons and Daughters,Breakers,E-street,and the rest!! Is there room for more aussie soaps on air? I know i’d watch them.

  9. I’m hoping they do go down the family-values path (with a good dollup of (non-lame) comedy). I think its extremely lazy writing/plot development to have the same generic sub-plots to iterate a number of times throughout the year (basically having at least one character having his/her life in danger each week).

    As for neighbours – i’ve never really been too interested to be honest. Storylines aside, the show seems hell-bent on introducing new “sexy” characters. When you have to resort to adding sexy characters to keep the show fresh, you’re in as much trouble as a show that has to resort to “person-of-the-week-whose-life-is-in-danger”.

  10. so it’s rubbish story lines as it has been for the last 5 years. i am going to back that we will not know what the true ending is to this tory they have now for another 7 months and it will end up revealinf hugo being is an undercover cop.

    both neighbors and home and away should finish up

  11. same same but different.

    character-name has life in danger, and after waking up from a coma, has amnesia & cannot remember that it was other-character-name’s fault all along

    character-name has now has feelings for character-name and feels confused, because they’ve been friends for so long now

    character-name‘s husband/wife dies because of death-reason-x. By the end of the year, will have begun to fall in love with hot new-comer to the bay, character-name.

    Hot new-comer to the bay, character-name, is a man/woman with a deep and mysterious past – one that will undoubtedly shock everyone in the bay / those people closest to him/her

    And That, sums up H&A for the next 12 months.

    (apologies, my previous post didnt handle the greater-than, less-than angle brackets)

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