Sneak Peeks: Poh’s Kitchen, Sleuth 101

Get your first look. ABC has released teaser clips of two new shows for 2010.

ABC has released teaser clips of two new shows for 2010: Poh’s Kitchen and Sleuth 101.

MasterChef runner-up Poh Ling Yeow will effectively replace the now-defunct The Cook and the Chef for the ABC, with her own 40-episode series based in Adelaide with many of the same crew.

ABC says, “As an artist, Poh approaches food with a unique sensibility and a natural curiosity. Her intuitive cooking style and sense of fun draws Australia’s leading cooks and chefs to Poh’s Kitchen. Thai ‘cooking guru’ David Thompson, one of Australia’s best chefs Neil Perry, and French-trained chef Emmanuel Mollois are the first guests to the Kitchen, exchanging techniques and recipes and sharing Poh’s family cooking secrets.”

Meanwhile Cal Wilson hosts Sleuth 101, an 8 episode ‘Whodunit’ show with a mix of live, improvised and filmed segments as celebrity sleuths try to solve murder mysteries.

According to the ABC, “Sleuth 101 is an exciting new murder mystery game show with a comedic twist. Host Cal Wilson will be joined each week by a celebrity guest comedian who will strive to solve the crime before a live studio audience. This is risky stuff, the high wire act of the comedy world, with no script – just witness statements, footage flashback and forensic evidence – to piece together the mystery.”

Celeb Sleuths include Frank Woodley, Colin Lane, and Dave O’Neill with murder mystery actors including John Wood, Denise Drysdale, Alan Brough, Robyn Butler, Blair McDonough, Francis Greenslade, Frankie J. Holden, Kevin Harington and Nicholas Bell. More Sleuths and victims will be revealed.

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  1. Poh, while probably nervous in the first episode, was lucky to get a second viewing in our house as her constant laughing (nervous or fake?) put us off.
    Second time round she tended to take a back seat to David- who was brilliant!- and the role of learner without the artificial confidence and manufactured self belief, hallmark of so many pseudo artists, was much more natural.
    I’m looking for David’s green curry recipe. (Note I said David’s.)
    We’re keen to see episode three.

  2. I hope Sleuth101 works. It looks like a format that could fail miserably, but Cal Wilson might just be able to make it succeed. I hope so, because she’s too good a talent to be allowed to be the face of failure.

  3. I had my doubt about Sleuth 101 but I think it looks like really good fun. i hope that all the contestants aren’t over the age of 35 although the ones mentioned make me want to watch it. It would be nice to give some younger people who aren’t the usual suspects a chance.

  4. Umm thanx ppl for the Positive comments. I think the ABC is a leader in trying new talent, new ideas and stuff. While they might not be completely new ideas etc. Maybe hold off on the criticism until it has aired. Nothing like giving something a go! If it doesn’t appeal don’t watch it!

    I think good on the ABC, I may try tio check out both. Not a huge fan of cooking, but it might be nice to see what she comes up with occassionally.

    As for Sleauth 101, I will give it a go, and see what it is like. I think Cal is funny and I am interested to see how she will go as a host!

  5. Can’t wait to try some of Poh’s recipes, how lucky to be sharing her family secrets! Also S101 looks great… I also was a fan of Cluedo with Ian McFadyen on 9 it was great show. Miss Plum in the Hall with the Candlestick!

  6. Sleuth101 reminds me of the 1970’s (showing my grey hair now) UK series that used to screen Friday nights on ABC – Whodunnit hosted by Jon Pertwee with Patrick Mower, Annuska Hempel and guest where the viewer tried to solve the murder puzzle with reasons before the studio panelists.

    Anybody else remember this??

    There is something about Poh, so will give the new show a watch and see. C&TC went downhill over the last year, cooking things that were beyond the scope of the average home cook in ability or desire, with ingredients that were almost impossible to source, unless you can contacts in teh markets or food industry.

  7. Poh’s Kitchen looks pretty good – she’s got such a nice personality that she’ll be interesting to watch – a good follow up to Simon and Maggie.

    Sleuth 101 surprisingly looks like it could work – I was dubious as to how they would pull off such a concept, but from the looks of the trailer, it seems they have.

    I’ll be tuning in for both.

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