Airdate: Kings

US drama Kings, which stars former Home and Away actor Christopher Egan, will get a run on 7TWO later this month.

The bold series, a modern-day drama based loosely on the Biblical story of King David, set in the fictional city of Gilboa currently at war with its neighbour, Gath.

Noted as being unlike anything else on the box, some reviews were robustly favourable. Brian Ford Sullivan of The Futon Critic said “Kings is ultimately a show you’re either going to dismiss as silly and pretentious or fall in love with because of its silliness and pretentiousness. I find myself in the latter category because I’m always a sucker for swing-for-fences serialized shows like this, especially when it looks … and feels unlike anything on television right now.”

But Nancy deWolf Smith of The Wall Street Journal also compared the series unfavorably to the work of Aaron Spelling, and accused the series of “deadening pretentiousness” and “a failure of imagination”.

Kings also stars Ian McShane, who was frequently praised for his performance, and even a role played by Macaulay Culkin.

But the series was probably too unconventional to succeed. It was moved by NBC after four episodes and only thirteen were produced.

It airs at 10:30pm Wednesday February 24 on 7TWO following Lost and Mercy.


  1. @Reubot. kings is distributed by Universal so 7 wouldn’t have aquired it, rather it fell into their lap.
    and it aired in th US less than a year ago so i’d say it’s a no to “a few years ago”

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