Decision time for Aussies in Hollywood pilots

Australian actress Radha Mitchell has missed out on her US drama The Quickening proceeding past its pilot.

The drama about a bipolar homicide detective has been rejected by the cable network A&E.

But the same network is yet to deliver its verdict on another project for fellow Aussie actor Matt Passmore.

Sugarloaf is expected to learn its fate by the end of the month.

Passmore has been cast as Jim, a Chicago cop with a sly sense of humor who gets kicked off the force after being shot and wrongfully accused by his ex-captain of having an affair with his wife. After receiving a payout, Jim moves to a small Florida town and joins the state police.

Passmore won the role after being released from his previous casting as the lead in Masterwork, written by Prison Break’s Paul T. Scheuring.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


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