Catriona McKenzie sets up new production company, Dark Horse.

The first Indigenous Australian woman to direct series television in the US establishes a new production co.

Writer, director, producer Catriona McKenzie is setting up her own production company Dark Horse.

McKenzie is the first Indigenous Australian woman to direct series television in the US (Shadowhunters), after spending time as a director’s attachment on Prison Break and Alien: Covenant.

Her recent directing credits include upcoming Netflix series Tidelands, plus Wrong Kind of Black, Harrow, The Warriors, and Kiki and Kitty which won two prizes at Series Mania in Paris. She has also directed Dance Academy, My Place, Satisfaction, The Circuit, Redfern Now, The Gods of Wheat Street and Satellite Boy.

“I am partnering with international creatives to bring uniquely diverse stories to the global market. I am committed to championing diverse creative talent and gathering exciting partners around Dark Horse including Patricia Cornelius and LA-based brand strategist Greg Logan at The Definery. I am also working with Erin Bretherton on developing new projects domestically and internationally across various platforms, and with writer Ligiah Villalobos on new television projects,” McKenzie says.

First on the slate at Dark Horse is Stolen, which she is co-writing with Patricia Cornelius. McKenzie is also attached to direct the US feature Driven with producers Veronica Sive and Brian Gersh at Sunjive.

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