Julie Goodwin joins Today

Masterchef Australia winner Julie Goodwin joins the Today show as a regular from tomorrow.

Goodwin has been appointed as the show’s cook, and will appear every Tuesday at 8:40am, providing healthy and easy options for family dinners.

Today‘s Executive Producer Tom Malone says, “Julie showed with Masterchef, that it’s not all about glitz and glamour and froth and bubble, rather substance and real solutions for healthy family dinners. That fits in perfectly with the Today show ethos – healthy substantial content that has a great aftertaste!”

Goodwin adds, “I am really thrilled about becoming part of the Today team. I love the show – Lisa and Karl are always having a great time. I am very much looking forward to working with them and to cooking for the viewers every week.”

She will join the Today team at Crown Casino in Melbourne tomorrow cooking pancakes for Shrove Tuesday.

Today continues in Melbourne this week from Barry Simon Reserve, Gleneagles Drive, Endeavour Hills on Wednesday and Steampacket Gardens, Eastern Beach Road, Geelong on Thursday.


  1. Helene Christie

    Just love your chicken curry, with Keens curry powder, have cooked it several times. Have been trying to get lamb shank recipe from Sat night, but the site doesn’t appear to be there

  2. Hi Julie,

    I didnt watch you win Masterchef but that doesnt matter because I bought your wonderful book.. i was just wondering when the next book is coming out? I have already cooked up 3/4 of your first book :). Im running out of ideas now. Need more recipes to cook a large hungry family Jules..come on get with it! LOL..just kidding.. love you though. Keep up the good work.


  3. Could Julie please share the recipe for the lamb kebabs that her team made for the Masterchef challenge at the show/exhibition. I think her team lost but everyone raved about those kebabs, which were her recipe (if I remember rightly?). Masterchef never gave out the recipe for that one, or perhaps I was never cever enough to find it on their site! I love Julie’s recipes. Well done to Today for embracing Julie into the fold!

  4. Hi Julie!
    I am originally from Northern Ireland and have been living here in Southern Spain for the last eight years. I have family , parents, brothers and sisters living in Adelaide South Australia. Myself and my husband Simon have been engrosed in the Australia version of Masterchef, but, we only got the series this year 2010 from about Feb! So we are obviously very late in offering our congratulations on your win!! I see from this website that the 2010 challenge has already begun in Australia so, I reckon we wont get that one until Next Spring here, Feb-March 2011. Just wanted to say we really loved all your efforts, in fact, the semi final that we had video taped, I could’t wait to see so I got up at 5.00am to watch it, then watched it all again with my husband that afternoon! Not giving anything away to him of course!

    By the time the Final arrived I had a big box of tissues on my coffee table and, of course used them as we shared your highs and lows and your final victory.
    The things that reduced me to tears were:
    Donna Hay Loving your idea for your book, I knew then you had a chance to get through.
    Second that fab chocolate final desert.
    But the most important…..your Family arriving on site, I was in floods by then and even my husband Simon grabbed a tissue from the box!!
    Thanks a million for a fantastic show, I have been dusting down the cookbooks once again, with our Aussie conection I do have a lot of Aussie cookbooks from years ago.
    Living here in Southern Spain we have expanded our outlook on cooking and are very lucky to be here. We hope to visit our family again in South Australia in Jan 2011 and I look forward to buying your cookbook “A family Table” when we arrive there. all the very best ot you and your family.
    Best wishes Y Mchimos Gracias por la futura para ti!
    Gerrie Greerxx

  5. Flippin’ ‘eck this Is a rarity. Two reality show survivors find a place that Totally suits them! Julie is perfect for Today, Poh is perfect for her ABC show. Take a bow, Masterchef!

  6. Not a huge fan of Julie (thought there were a few who were more deserving of the MC title) but she’s a decent cook/chef and will certainly add something to Today.

    Good get for Nine/Today.

  7. Very clever positioning options for a family meal the day before pay day as well. I do hope she has enough technical skill to make *pancakes* though. If there is a Masterchef style stuff up, should be pretty entertaining to watch!

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