My Place added to ABC1

Acclaimed ABC3 children’s drama My Place will have its rightful airing on ABC1 from Sunday February 28.

The sprawling Australian drama, produced by Penny Chapman, will air in the premium timeslot of 7:30pm.

Two half hour episodes will air each week.

The series, based on the book by Nadia Wheatley and Donna Rawlins, is the story of several generations of children who live in the very same spot in Australia over the course of 130 years. It opens in 2008 and moves back a decade for each episode, to 1888.

In the first week, indigenous children witness the “Sorry” Apology as the Prime Minister addresses Parliament.

The series features a number of well-known Aussie actors including Susie Porter, Dan Wyllie, Sacha Horler, Russell Dykstra, Leah Purcell and Dan Spielman plus plenty of notable actors in guest roles.

My Place has already aired on ABC3, but the broadcaster has always said it would have a screening on ABC1 so that families who did not yet have digital television did not miss out.

It’s been a long time since the Australian children’s television sector has produced such a worthy and detailed drama series.


  1. another perspective on this could be that the ABC is really impressed with this program and thinks it deserves a wider audience. a sentiment i would agree with. in other countries it has been shown that a single program will receive vastly different ratings when shown on an established, pre-digital channel form those it would receive on a digital channel. the wire, for instance, would probably receive 5 times the ratings on ABC1, even if shown on the same timeslot, 930 tuesdays.

  2. tasmanian devil

    This is absolutely ridiculous. We are definitely going backwards in the digital switchover. ABC should be enticing analogue viewers to switch to digital, rather than worrying about them not missing out. If they want My Place exposed to a wider audience, they should have promoted it more e.g. “You don’t want to miss out on this acclaimed and quality series from the ABC. So get a set top box and you’ll be ready to go” instead of “My Place premieres on ABC3 in December. But if you don’t have digital, that’s not a problem at all, because ABC1 will be repeating it in March”. Killing two birds with one stone, promoting both digital TV and My Place. But instead they are making digital TV look like an unnecessary waste of money.

  3. Most of the content (especially Australian series) on the ABC3, will be eventually repeated on the ABC1. The ABC1 is already frequently showing series, already been shown on the ABC3. Although I doubt we will see another kids series, shown in prime time on the ABC1.

    I think it would be better for first run content to still be focused on the ABC1, since the ABC1 offers better quality, and has a wider audience.

  4. This is what we are lagging in the digital switchover. If we keep swapping between the digital and main channel, people will never swtich until the last minute. Analogue should have been gone years ago.

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