Summer’s winners and losers

The summer ratings season of 2009 -2010 has ended.

And while Seven has come out on top, Nine also found reason to smile.

Seven won summer in Total People, but Nine and the ABC both increased their shares based on last summer. TEN took the biggest dive of all 5 Free to Air Networks.

Total People: 2009 – 2010 (2008 – 2009)
Seven: 29.4 (29.6)
Nine: 27.6 (26.9)
TEN: 18.5 (19.7)
ABC: 17.5 (16.6)
SBS: 6.9 (7.1)

But comparisons to last summer are tricky given not all networks had digital channels operating, and Timeshifting was also introduced on December 27th.

Both Nine and Seven issued data touting their wins in key demographics.

Seven’s data, which claimed wins in Total People, 18-49 and 25-54 was based purely on commercial channels from 6pm -10:30pm. It overlooked ABC, SBS and the true ratings measure of 6pm – midnight.

Nine’s data correctly referenced all 5 FTA networks, including digital channels, from 6pm – midnight. It showed it just pipped Seven in people 25 – 54 and also won the 18 – 49 demographic. No doubt GO! was a key component of its summer success this year.

In the number of weeks won over summer, Seven won 6 weeks and Nine won 4.

The top audience over summer was the Australian Open: Men’s Final Seven 2,418,957.

Other big audiences went to Australian Open: Women’s Final, New Year’s Eve 2009 Midnight Fireworks, Carols by Candelight, The Vicar of Dibley, Two and a Half Men, Seven News, Twenty20 Cricket, Customs, The Mentalist, RSPCA Animal Rescue,  Border Patrol, The Big Bang Theory and Grey’s Anatomy.


  1. tasmanian devil

    Compared with last summer’s shares, it looks like the networks with weak secondary channels (SBS and Ten) are the ones that have decreased their shares, whereas ABC and 9 have increased with their strong secondary channels. Ten’s next channel has to come as soon as possible if they don’t want to lose to ABC this year.

  2. i would usually be on Ten’s side and feel sorry for them and wish them all the best for the future but with them taking Supernatural off the air, i say ‘Go Seven!’

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