#1 Cloudstreet

If this house built for Showcase’s production of Cloudstreet is any indication, the miniseries being produced by Screentime looks like it will be one to watch.

Filming for the six part series has been underway in Perth, with this house created by set designer Herbert Pinter built at the old Sunset Hospital site in Dalkeith.

Appearing in the screen adaptation of Tim Winton’s novel are Essie Davis (The Silence, The Girl With The Pearl Earring, After The Deluge, The Matrix) as Dolly Pickles with Stephen Curry (30 Seconds, The King) as her husband Sam Pickles, and Emma Booth (Underbelly 3, Clubland) as their daughter Rose, plus Kerry Fox (Bright Star, Shallow Grave, An Angel At My Table) as Oriel Lamb, Geoff Morell (Bastard Boys, Curtin, Grass Roots, Changi) as her husband Lester Lamb, with Todd Lasance (Home & Away, Fools Gold) as Quick and recent NIDA graduate Hugo Johnstone-Burt as Fish.

The shoot, which began on February 8th, requires more than 100 local actors and 105 crew members.

It will air in 2011.

Source: thewest.com.au


  1. ‘Mike’;

    my brother, plays one of the young pickles.
    i’ve met Stephen a number of times, he has got to be one of the most talented actors.. he was by far the nicest adult actor on set, he was constantly spending time with the kids and extras, he was so lovely.

    i’ve also met Todd, he seamed lovely although i didn’t spend enough time talking to him to really judge. but i don’t think anyone should be saying that kind of stuff about him unless you know him well enough.

    Callan McAuliffe plays young quick, he’s now in LA shooting his next film.

    also, most of the shots were indeed filmed inside the house on the bottom floor,
    it’s Amazing. so detailed.
    for all the scenes on the top floor, they are done in a studio as there is actually no stop story, the house isn’t stable enough.

  2. love the set! just not sure how i feel about the casting.. particularly todd lasance as quick. oh well, we shall see… i’m a little scared to watch it as its my favourite book of all time.
    probably would have prepared no name cast

  3. It does look impressive, though if I’m being honest the bay windows look a litle off and defintely look fake. The verandah looks great though.

    As for casting, Essie Davis will be great, so will Emma Booth, Geoff Morrell & Kerry Fox. Stephen Curry? Is that the best they could do? Same with Todd Lasance. I’ll only ever think of ego and drugs whenever I see him on shows now.

    Great to see so many locals with jobs too.

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