Bumped: Customs, Domestic Blitz. Airdate: Send in the Dogs

Nine is throwing down the gauntlet with its Sunday night programming post-Easter.

It is moving Customs to 6:30pm Sundays to be followed by UK factual Send in the Dogs (now there’s a title ripe for gags) at 7pm.

The change begins April 11th, the first return date of ratings.

Domestic Blitz
, which had been airing at 6:30pm Sundays, is now out of schedule.

Nine’s switch is triggered by the return of Hey Hey it’s Saturday on Wednesday April 14, where Customs had been pulling good audiences.

Nine is clearly hoping Customs will diminish the appeal of Seven’s Border Security at 7:30pm. But after Seven slated Sunday Night to… Sunday nights… who can really blame them?

The factuals will be followed by 60 Minutes, a two hour premiere of Underbelly: The Golden Mile and V at 10:30pm. Survivors concludes this Sunday with Nine not rolling straight into Series 2 which aired in the UK in January.

Send in the Dogs follows police dog units in London and Manchester as they chase down hardened criminals and take to the front line in the war against drugs.


  1. Re Survivors. The 90-minute season premiere was shown on 21 March. Episode 2 and 3 was shown last Sunday and the news is that season 1 concludes tonight. Which means eps 4, 5 and 6 will somehow been shown in a 2-hour block. I suspect some major editing will be carried out tonight to achieve that feat.

  2. *Just had the sudden urge to smash his monitor with a hammer at the news of more factuals being shown onto Australian television screens*

  3. Well thats an easy choice to make, Border Security all the way. It is Australian. The other is a rip off version of BS, from another country.

    Knowing that V is a recap episode that Sunday sucks. It would have been nice to actually see the new episode, actually that recap episode will be out of sync from this weeks episode as this week the episode is a new episode just aired in America so it will actually not contain anything from episode 5. That is poor programming in itself. If anything they should show the recap episode this week not next.

  4. It seems like Nine is making better programming choices this year. I’m pretty sure that the factuals will diminish Seven’s Sunday a bit. Although, it would probably be better if they were australian factuals..

  5. Why is Nine showing the V recap? that ep was only designed to catch people up in the US because of the break between ep 4 and 5. I guess at 10:30 is as good a place as any for them to stick it.

  6. @Patrick, there’s only one Sci-fi show that gets a good airing – Doctor Who. That’s largely thanks to the ABC, I doubt the good Doctor would have survived on commercial channel. The bloke who created Suvivors, Terry Nation (brilliant name) also created the Daleks in Doctor Who.

  7. Paull, Channel Nine condensed the first season of six episodes into three. I’m guessing they will do the same to the second season to burn it off at a later date, that’s if they decide to end up showing it at all considering it’s poor ratings.

  8. Didn’t Survivors only start 2 weeks ago? And the last ep is coming up this Sunday. Wow, talk about tv seasons getting shorter and shorter!

  9. Sci fi hardly gets a fair airing on Australian TV for some reason, even Star Trek didn’t get a good run when it was originally on.

    I can now see that Underbelly will run and run on Ch 9 for years – maybe Underbelly 10 in 2020??

  10. V @ 10:30… didn’t take long, guess i should have known better than expecting better of 9. hopefully the good wife/house and bones/castle can bring down underbelly’s numbers…

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