Charlie puts the Sheen on Mondays

A public holiday in some cities pulled in big audiences for Two and a Half Men but proved to be a disaster for TEN, finishing fourth behind the ABC.

What is it about Melbourne viewers and Two and a Half Men? Last night the new episode hauled 635,000 in that city, rising to a big 1.58m viewers -and very probably assuring its place as the week’s top show. No doubt the end of the long weekend in Melbourne helped as viewers settled in for an early night.

Both the Charlie Sheen comedy and My Kitchen Rules have been battling it out for top place recently. Last night Seven’s cooking contest ina  pseudo MasterChef kitchen settled with just under 1.4m viewers, still reason to smile. The network has already put out a call for new contestants for a second series.

The two way contest left the competition lagging. The Biggest Loser was left on 697,000 viewers. The Big Bang Theory took 1.26m at 8pm and Australian Story was strong on 1.02m.

Nine News beat Seven News in both Sydney and Melbourne, but Seven still leads nationally with 1.48m to 1.43m. Today Tonight‘s 1.45m had a comfy win over ACA on 1.21m, the latter of which lacked Lara Bingle after promoting the story.

The Mentalist‘s 1.31m outsmarted Desperate Housewives‘ 1.08m and Good News Week on 740,000.

A flat presentation of the Academy Awards took 701,000 in the evening and 527,000 live. The public holiday in Melbourne (241,000) netted a much bigger audience than Sydney (118,000) for the live event.

Hot Seat (624,000) pipped Deal or No Deal (622,000) and Sunrise (384,000) had a good lead over Today (316,000).

But TEN had big problems on Monday, ranking 4th for the night behind the ABC. Its Total People share was half the share of its rivals. Its best for the night was TEN News at 5pm on 959,000 (again a high share in Melbourne with a public holiday and Oscars interest). Even The 7PM Project‘s 760,000 bettered The Biggest Loser‘s 697,000 and Neighbours took 669,000. The night was also a disaster in key demos.

Q & A pulled 582,000 for ABC1 and the premiere of Wilfred managed just 110,000.

In a tight finish, Nine won the night over Seven.

Week 11

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  1. Personally Can’t Stand the biggest loser.If I wanted to see those people Just go visit the local shopping malls in the worse part of your home city.You will find most of them there.Eww

  2. Its strange that the Oscars didnt do that well here. This year it rose in the US by nearly 12% and got 41m viewers. That is the highest since 2005. However Australians are not bothered with them unless we are actually nominated. I thought the whole ceremony was boring.

    As for Men why people watch this trash has got me. Big Bang Theory is so much funnier and i love it but Men?

    As for TEN they must be getting ready to roll out the big guns of MC and Modern Family. MC has to go to 7pm otherwise it could fail big time at 7:30pm. 7PM Project is a piece of crap that needs to go out the door now! It hasnt worked and its time to try something new.

  3. Why is it a disasater for Ten but great for ABC? Ten if it makes a profit has no requirement for a Seven audience. And for the viewer, there are people out there that want something other than Border Security and Gardening Shows.

    If repeating Get Smart three times a day and chasing shonky builders is a measure of success than yuou might as well eat Maccas s**t in bed and subscribe to Ralph because no body will want to know you or remember those shows.

  4. This year I seem to be not watching a lot of the shows I regularly watched last year (2½ Men, The Biggest Loser, Good News Week). Last year I watched them regularly but this year I’ve learned not to settle for mediocrity. Good News Week is tired with the same jokes over and over, the duration of the show is too long, and too much focus on the jokes and not the game. And I’ve simply lost interest in The Biggest Loser, which is inevitable for reality shows like that after two or three seasons (I first watched in 2008).

    @ Craig – That’s a rant?

  5. it is a shame about TBL it is a great show hopefully masterchef will rate the same that may just convince ten that it cant beat strong cmpetiton in the 7:30pm slot and even though it actually beat TBL last night 7PM is the problem because it drags down the lead in to a very tough slot

  6. Wow Craig that does sound silly of Nine.

    Don’t forget last years Oscar encore had an Underbelly lead in of over two million, plus Heath Ledger’s posthumous win, and Hugh Jackman’s all singing and dancing hosting performance.

  7. LOL I forgot to watch 2.5Men last night (Already seen Big Bang) Why doesn’t Nine show encore airings of these on GO! the same week they air on Nine?

    Also why is it they didn’t show Ellen yesterday at Noon or late night (or even on GO!) but today they show a re-run like in the US, couldn’t they have aired the new ep today and drop the re-run from last November?

    Sorry for the rant!

  8. Monday night is SBS night for me. Mythbusters / Man Vs Wild / Wilfred / Entourage. Record or iView Good Game and Media Watch on ABC. Sorry to see Wilfred get such a poor number.

  9. It was a public holiday in Adelaide too. Two and a Half Men is having its weakest season for actual laughs. I obtain it from other sources and watch when I get around to it, but have not been overly impressed this year. GO! really helped The Big Bang Theory gain some ground to move it back to the primary channel. I just dont like the show though.

    GNW is terrible, the ratings prove that. They are over using the same comedians and fill it with lame segments, the tiny bit I caught last night reminded me of Whose Line is it Anyway.

    The 7PM Project beating The Biggest Loser, yet stil being under 800k each is woeful. Loser wont get renewed, even if they stick to the same format or go back to the original style. It should have stayed at 7PM. I would assume that the required but heavy editing on the first few episodes pushed viewers away.

    Wonder what the 7:30 timeslot for Masterchef will do to the ratings. Perhaps they are best to move it to 7PM, and rest Project for 3 months.

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