Nine: Easter guide

Over the Easter non-ratings period, Nine will continue new episodes of Domestic Blitz, 60 Minutes, V, Survivors, Hot Seat, CSI Miami, Footy Classified, Survivor, 20 to 1, Customs, Getaway, The Footy Show, and Australia’s Funniest Home Videos.

RPA also has its season finale on March 31st.

There will be repeats of Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, and Cold Case.

Top Gear will be older episodes, but first run on Nine.


  1. Craig: 9 have paid top dollar for TG. they would be out of their minds to waste 2 of the few new episodes they have in a non-ratings period.

    although the decision to air repeats intstead of something else is questionalble, last year some of the shows that went into repeats like underbelly did not recover when new eps returned possibly because people didn’t know they were new.

    anyway all up it looks like all networks have put a lot more new content in their schedules this easter compared to last.

  2. lol at nine sugarcoating top gear. it is a repeat ep but is first run on nine. every ep is first run considering that they only acquired the rights 2 months ago.

  3. I’ve heard about RPA and it’s been for more than I decade I believe but it was only last week that I get to see an episode, it was really good especially the story of John. Very little narration and not too much on your face although I must admit that I am squemish and really don’t have the stomach to see medical operations but I’ll tune in again tomorrow.

  4. Nine are up-to-date with The Mentalist now, no new US eps until April1st so my guess is it will be in re-runs until after easter to build up a couple in reserve.

    As for Top Gear after this week there are only 2 more new shows in series 14, are they really going to hold those over until after Easter?

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