Pickering and Edgley to reveal Logie nominations

Charlie Pickering and Gigi Edgley will host the 2010 TV Week Logie Awards Nomination breakfast on Monday March 29th.

The annual announcement will take place at the Ivy Pool Bar in Sydney.

TV Week Editor, Nicole Byers said, “The announcement of the TV Week Logie nominations is such a highly anticipated event for both TV fans and the industry, it will be great to have Charlie and Gigi there to share the news of who is up for this year’s awards.”

Pickering was one of the males shortlisted for Best New Talent contenders.

Update: The nominations announcement can be seen via live crosses on Sunrise and Today.

The 2010 TV Week Logie Awards will be held on 2nd May at Melbourne’s Crown Casino.


  1. Susan…don’t be appalled too long. The reply “I have asked. Yet to be advised” was in reference to Travis’ question about whether the Today show was having a live cross. But I can see how you drew that conclusion.

    I actually didn’t note shows for either Charlie or Gigi on this occasion, but previous stories have noted Gigi as part of the Rescue Special Ops cast.

    I did get the reply back about the Today show and added it as an update to the story.

    I should have noted Travis’ name in the reply to avoid the confusion. Must be a Friday.

  2. David
    For you to not know who Gigi is?
    I am disappointed that someone who writes a television website wouldn’t at least try out to find. Gigi has had a wonderful career (albeit in the background) and it should be applauded as apposed to a flippant “I have asked” reply.
    Good luck to Gigi and Charlie… two young and extremely talented individuals who will be up there accepting Logies very soon

  3. Isn’t Gigi Edgley one of the women from Ten’s “The View” rip-off, The Circle? Why are two ten personalities reading the nominations for an awards show on Nine, being televised on Seven. And how do the ABC and SBS get in on it?

  4. So we have a channel 10 personality making the announcment with a live cross to sunrise on 7.

    It seems odd to not gave channel 9 in on the act.

    I must admit I’m not sure who Gigi is, is that the 9 link?

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