Returning: Numb3rs

US procedural Numb3rs returns to TEN next month with new episodes.

The show is back at 10pm Friday April 9th in place of White Collar which ends on April 2nd.

“Frienemies” S5E10 guest stars Colin Hanks. It aired in the US in December 2008.

Charlie must team up with his arch rival-Marshall Penfield to solve a case. Meanwhile, Don is still struggling to decide whether his religion holds the answers he’s been looking for.


  1. It isn’t likely to be axed, it has been, i watched the final ep over here in the US recently, a pretty good ending too.

    Enjoy it while you can.

  2. Numb3rs is likely to be axed this season with the actors cast in other pilots, I like how its timeslot mirrors that of CBS (10pm Fridays)

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