Survivor double dose

Survivor isn’t getting bumped by Nine, but boosted.

Next week Nine continues with the double episodes, which will see it catch up to the US even faster.

“Tonight We Make Our Move” and “Knights of the Round Table” will both air next Tuesday -the latter aired in the US only last week.

Ratings last night were rather soft, 735,000 / 710,000, thumped by My Kitchen Rules (1.53m) and NCIS (1.4m). It was a significant drop from Top Gear‘s 1.31m lead in.

Perhaps plugging the leak from illegal downloads via a quicker turnaround of episodes will help, but it may not be long before the series is pushed back to a 9:40 start either.

Next week is the last week of ratings before the Easter break, which sees Survivor continue.


  1. I’ve always been a massive survivor fan and love it when we have a double ep here and there. But when they do it for a whole series like Gabon for example, it feels way to rushed. by the time you get to knowing the castaways, the shows on the finale!

    Don’t misinterpret me thoug, I’m glad we’re going to be only days behind the US. It’s the way it should of been in the first place. No spoilers appear and has people thriving for the next installment.

    When it comes to the ratings… MKR is over in a week so it’ll boost the ratings massively. I totally agree with Hayley, it is a family show and airing it the family-friendly timeslot of 7:30pm is a must if the network wants those “big numbers” they’re so craving.

  2. the thing alot of ppl (and certainly channel nine) dont realise about ‘survivor’ is that its a “family show”. In america that is its main audience… and it pulls in BIG numbers in that demographic.
    when nine airs it here at a family friendly time like 7.30pm, it rates well… then they move it to 8.40pm (start time 8.50pm) and run it for two hours on a school night… and yet they’re surprised it doesn’t rate well… idiots

  3. Not necessarily specific to Survivor, but the word ‘illegal’ in the story inspired my question… is it still considered illegal if you run your IP address through a US mirror and watch it directly off

  4. 18-49 viewers
    My Kitchen Rules 761,000 / Grey’s Anatomy 615,000
    NCIS 640,000
    Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains -Ep1 464,000
    Survivor: Heroes Vs Villains -Ep2 459,000

  5. 800k is a ‘normal’ number. (Ive included timeshift). Chasing ‘abnormal’ ratings by killing show after show is pointless and counter productive. Stick with Survivor and accept the new world 9. Good season so far – but not yet great.

  6. @Henry: Yeah IIRC the advertisements for Guatemala at the time were to do with it being ‘hot of the satellite’. Since then we’ve been at least a few weeks behind. Since Fiji we’ve been a long way behind.

  7. I’d actually rather Survivor moved to 9.40 cos then i wouldn’t have to miss out on other things at 8.30. And great that we caught up to US. Nothing worse than finding out results before its shown here.

  8. Survivor doesn’t even air this week in the States meaning the next new episode after “Knights” will air a few days after the US airing. Awesome.

  9. Awesome to hear we’re going to catch up with the US 🙂 I wouldn’t really mind if it got moved to 9.30pm instead when its back to single episodes.

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