Weekend Sunrise has eye on Cyclone Ului

When it comes to cyclone coverage, Weekend Sunrise left Weekend Today in its trail yesterday.

As Cyclone Ului bore down on the Queensland coast Seven’s morning show went live into the the state, instead of the usual one hour delay that comes with Daylight Saving. It also broadcast for an extra hour from 10-11am Sydney time / 9-10am Queensland.

Meanwhile Today broadcast its usual 3 hour show on delay into Queensland with updates that were 60 minutes old.


  1. Channel Seven had the advantage of having owned a news bureau office in Mackay. It a simple phone call to the station manager 🙂

    Where Channel Nine doesn’t have an office in Mackay. Cause it’s WINTV owned area

    Which reason why Today weekend sucked

  2. Weekend Today is an absolute car crash. From the hosts to the format to the set; it is a truly horrible show. I was also under the impression Weekend Today would be live after they had promos promoting that. If it wasn’t live then that is a disgusting blatant lie to its (very few) Brisbane viewers in a potentially life threatening situation. Epic Fail Nine and Today.

  3. Too bad Mackay residents couldn’t watch Weekend Sunrise with 55,000 households without power since Saturday night with 22,000 still off right now.

  4. you know, the odd thing is, nine ran promos for weekend today on friday night in brisbane saying it was going to be live from 6am into QLD all weekend, but then it wasnt

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