Bumped: FlashForward

More changes to Seven's Thursday line-up.

More changes to Seven’s Thursday line-up…. now feeling very, very messy.

From next week FlashForward will begin at 11:30pm in Sydney and Brisbane.

In Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth it begins at 11:45pm due to the longer Vicar of Dibley at 7:30pm. This also pushes The Matty Johns Show now out to 12:45am.

Repeats of American Dad and Auction Squad are out.

At 10:30pm Seven will air a special Doomed to Die? 13 Most Shocking Hollywood Curses (10:45: M / A / P)

A week later, May 13, Seven has double Amazing Race from 9:30pm (9:45pm (M / A / P) which may well become the norm given we are well behind the US.

Seven’s Thursday line-up has been it’s most problematic all year with The White Room, The Bounce, Cougar Town, How I Met Your Mother, Family Guy and repeats of American Dad all on the casualty list.

It’s Thursday channel share went from 20.2% last week to 22.5% last night.

FlashForward was launched as a bright new hope for the network last year with a big marketing campaign, but its stories have failed to live up to the hype both here and in the US.

Yesterday, April 29, was the “flash-forward” date in the show in which the characters envisioned their new lives. If only the producers has been privvy to the same insight…

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  1. Thursdays have really turned into a dud night for Channel 7 it’s like they’ve just given up. Yes they won’t win against MasterChef. But I still think if they show The Amazing Race at that time they could come 2nd in the ratings.

    Or move The Amazing Race, HIMYM, Cougar Town and Flash Forward to 7TWO. They could put that on Monday nights and just have Heartbeat etc on Saturday night.

  2. As much as Seven s**ts me for moving shows around all the time, I have to say that FF is the one who shot itself in the foot with the slow pacing and “character development” that it pursued after the killer first two Eps.

    It lost a large chunk of viewers, both here and in the US, and people seem not to come back, even when the show picks up, as it has done lately. The same thing happened with Lost and yet Season 5 was probably their best, and most of S6 has been up there.

  3. Used to know a kid like Seven when I was growing up in country Queensland,well known middle class family had a bit of money and some good toys.
    Kid didn’t really like a lot of his new toys but his mate Nine kept on getting good ones as well and together they were rated highly by us poorer kids who liked to watch them play with them hoping to have a go on the ones we liked.
    Seven and Nine played hard and their other mate Ten could never really compete consistently at the same level but every now and then got us really excited with some really great toy/game.
    This had us spellbound for a little while but he wasn’t always home and didn’t seem to be to”Serious” about playing so we would end up back at Seven or Nines place.
    Our other two mates ABC and SBS used to play amongst themselves but were a little older then us and even though they had some fun stuff SBS was from overseas and we didn’t always understand him.
    ABC’s parents were a bit strict, we had a bit of a “Rage” on the weekends but his toys were a bit boring and we would end up back at Seven or Nines place.
    Don’t know exactly what happened to them all, ABC and SBS haven’t changed much can still see a little sparkle in their eyes at times.
    Ten’s still kicking a few goals and trying to get the boys to take him Seriously .
    Seven and Nine after years of wasting their parents money and going through various divorces are in their fifties now and still haven’t got a clue were half their sh#@t is and are living prove that money doesn’t buy you everything.

  4. Channel 7= the new 9. Flash forward Was a great idea, but it was executed poorly last year. This year the story seems to have picked up and seven should have pushed the advertising for it a bit more.

  5. Missed last night’s Flash Foward – I really like this show, but its getting REALLY hard to chase around the place … wish they’d just move it to Seven2 and screen it at a regular timeslot.

  6. FlashForward was one of ABC America’s big hopes for the current ratings season (both in the US and Australia). So much so the drama was pre-sold by Disney (which owns ABC) to more than 100 broadcasters worldwide and had a simultaneous launch in 20 countries to combat piracy. So sad it has come to this.

  7. Channel 7’s two point strategy is clear and concise when it comes to program scheduling.

    Point 1 – Aim at own foot
    Point 2 – Pull trigger

    How on earth do they keep jostling for #1 in the ratings war with so much wasted ammunition.

  8. I watched Flashforward and HIMYM religiously last year & lets be honest – Flashforward great idea – poor script execution and acting – Joe Fiennes is more wooden than Pinocchio
    HIMYM – Barney & Robin in a serious relationship???. Biggest shark jumping of the year

    whilst I will never agree when a network performs such tactics I have to say I agree with them on this one.

    replacing it with Criminal Minds…. thats another story – thats plain wrong

  9. FlashForward LOL good point about the date David, I totally forgot we past April 29 now. I still like the show and want to see where it ends, I mean the story and for Seven I’m assuming the early hours of the morning!

  10. Good bye Seven thanks for nothing. I’ll just wait for the rest of Family Guy and American Dad to turn up on itunes or DVD.

    Anyone think that Seven should adopt Doomed to Die as their motto.

  11. oh my mistake it went up, I just read it wrong but I stand by my opinion that they are the worst offenders in regards to pushing shows back to put in random specials that probably will not rate any better.

  12. Booo!!!! Seven you suck. Vicar of Dibley, yes funny show, also years old. I’ve got them all on dvd. Put some bloody new stuff on, and stop stuffing around. And why stick a bloody documentary in between at 10.30. Who cares about that, just put Flashforward on at 10.30, Matty Johns Show 11.30. Seven sucks.

  13. They’re never gonna get it right. Apparently, Amazing Race isn’t even that interesting and the people are ordinary, so the double episodes are a way of getting rid of the show quicker but it won’t help their ratings.

  14. So from next week Amazing Race will finish at 11:45pm (or 11:30pm NSW/Qld). That is one way to kill the show. People won’t stay up until midnight (considering Seven never runs anything on time) to watch it.

    Expect another change within a fortnight.

    I’m thankful I’m watching TAR from ‘other sources’ (and this season is really good)

    As a side note, both TAR and Flashforward have primetime FTA slots in New Zealand.

  15. So they remove CT and HIMYM, put in a repeat of criminal minds and their share goes down? what a surprise, channel 7 must be the worst offenders in regards to shuffling shows around and putting in random specials like Doomed to Die? 13 Most Shocking Hollywood Curses, what makes them think that will rate higher than family guy or even flashfoward for that matter? Shame on you channel 7 Shame shame shame!

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