Renewed: Prank Patrol

The ABC has renewed its ever-popular ABC3 series Prank Patrol, for a further 39 half-hour episodes.

26 local episodes have already aired, featuring host Scotty Tweedie and his two ninjas helping to pull a prank on child’s friend, sibling, parent or teacher.

Originally created by Canada’s Apartment 11, the local version comes from Melbourne’s activeTV.

Executive Head of ABC Children’s Television, Tim Brooke-Hunt says “We are delighted with the success of activeTV’s production of Prank Patrol. The show was a ratings winner from day one and its audience continues to grow.”

The new Australian series is slated for production commencing in mid 2010.

At DVD will also be released in May 2010.

activeTV are not yet announcing audition dates. Further details will be made available on the ABC3 website over the coming months –


  1. we need Scotty back on prank patrol on abc1, if we do not have you back i will do mad, Scotty’s prank patrol is the best and will always be the best please please please come back bye.

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