Returning: Australia’s Got Talent

Seven’s new season of Australia’s Got Talent, with Dannii Minogue, Kyle Sandilands and Brian McFadden, will premiere at 7:30pm Tuesday April 13th.

That pits the show against Top Gear and The Biggest Loser -but Nine’s premiere episodes of Clarkson and co. are about to run dry (it may opt to continue older eps).

The timeslot was certainly a success for previous Seven variety shows including Dancing with the Stars and It Takes Two.

The season premiere will kick off with a 90 minute episode.


  1. Could not believe some of the talent tonight….it was amazing!! I love shows like this that discover the wonderful young talent out there. I was almost in tears with a couple of the acts….and how incredibly talented they were. We should be encouraging more shows like these that allow people to pursue their dreams:)

  2. shirley macilwraith

    I dont normally watch any type of reality shows, but I heard something positive about this show, so I will watch, that is if I remember when it is on lol

  3. Melissa roussos

    It does not matter who judges are as the show is rigged. The producers override their decisions and you have to have a sob story or no talent to get through. Groups or acts who were told they were through have now been told they are not so the whole dhow is a money making scam and dishonest. Hope they are happy for messing with young teenager minds. Actually they would not think of that at all. Rename the show aus got no talent. I feel sorry for the judges as they have no say at all. It is all an act. I like the judges but not the producers or channel seven. Wake up everyone it is rigged and they are messing with young peoples lives. Very disappointing

  4. apart from dannii minouge u have really scraped the bottom of the barrel with ah ah ah who are the other 2 triehards . n e way i will b giving it great big miss

  5. From memory, all the winners so far have been singers. I thought that was the reason Idol (yawn) was run.

    I’d much rather see someone with another talent (other than dancing) win it. That would give it some point of difference.

    I definately won’t be watching this time around, for the obvious reason (Kyle).

  6. I can’t believe that it is coming back on surely Australia is bored with it, I know its only my opinion but I don’t watch it because I find Dannii so painful to watch. Also does this mean Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice are pushed back half an hour because of this? I’d assume so, I’m not happy, I’m sick of seven putting on 90 minute specials of the reality shows and then going over time anyway so its like 9.15 before I actually get to watch my shows.

  7. Have never watched this show before but definately Will be watching this year, purely to see how Kyle does. I’m guessing his inclusion will have similar effect on many people which is exactly what 7 are counting on…

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