Returning: MasterChef Australia

TEN locks in its annual super-week of shows, with MasterChef starting and Loser and Dance both ending. And why April 21 is da bomb.

MasterChef Australia returns 7:30pm Monday April 19th on TEN.

The timeslot confirms TEN will continue its 2010 strategy of key programmes in the 7:30pm timeslot.

The launch of the series will take place in the same week that TEN has finales for its two other reality shows.

The Biggest Loser concludes in a 2 hr finale at 8:30pm Sunday April 18 (The Good Wife and House are out for this week).

So You Think You Can Dance Australia ends with a 2 hr finale 8:30pm Wednesday April 21st.

The week of finales and launches is traditionally TEN’s biggest week of the year -it has previously won the same week against Seven and Nine.

MasterChef Australia launches with a 90 min premiere on the Monday, pushing Good News Week back to 9pm with a 90 minute edition (Supernatural is out).

Another 90 min ep follows on Tuesday 20th, Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd. A 60 min episode will air on the Wednesday ahead of the Dance finale.

It also means on Wednesday 21st we will be torn between Hey Hey, MasterChef, The Pacific, So You Think You Can Dance Australia, Spicks and Specks the premiere of Lowdown on the ABC and American Idol on FOX8.

Who loves their PVR?

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  1. For the first time i watched Masterchef Australia tonight and it was absolutely awful. If the food that was cooked tasted as bad as it looked then i pity those that had to sample it. You have a long way to go before you can compete with the chef’s i have just had the pleasure to watch the English version of this show which had 3 fantastic chef’s in the final that were very difficult to separate. The format of the Australian version is very poor and doesn’t appear to stretch the chef’s talents in any way. Sorry to be so negative but you must do better

  2. @Harry, i love the 1 hr eps!! 30 mins is too quick and considering there are 10 mins of ads during that you dont get much content, the 1 hr shows would allow them to put in every little piece of info instead of having to edit it out

  3. God No!!!!.I was actually hoping Ten would bring back the animated sitcom lineup for Wednesday Nights once the Biggest Loser and Dance End.Stop wasting your time with such crap Put on a Jamie Oliver Series of Cooking Specials or something along those lines if you muct have a programme on food.

  4. Ill be watching Masterchef, they better keep it the same – the format does not need changing. And please no 1 hour eps, too much. The Pacific looks good as well, might tape it.

  5. The Good Wife and Supernatural bumped. Doubtless Ten will then claim that no one watches them and can them. As usual.

    Those awful dancing and fatty shows seem to be on 24 hours a day. Does anyone really watch them?

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