Tony Squires back to Seven

Tony Squires is headed back to Channel Seven to become Sports Presenter on Seven News in Sydney.

He replaces Alex Cullen who is is joining Sunday Night.

Squires joined Seven in 2004 fronting sports show 110% Tony Squires following the ABC panel show The Fat.

In 2008 he hosted Big Mouth, the Big Brother panel show.

He has also had several radio positions.

Seven News boss Peter Meakin is said to have made an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Source: Daily Telegraph


  1. Rolly Godfrey

    Good to see Tony Squires on the Sports Desk , A great asset for 7 . . . Keep up the good work and if Tony appears on other 7 shows which I hope he does … Even Better ! ! !

  2. I don’t get it – I find him irritating and smug. Not sure if a pure presenter/news reader gig is right for him. He mugs to the camera too much – work must be scarce if he is taking this role. Good for Alex Cullen – he has a good personality for the bulletin.

  3. How does this guy keep getting a gig? How many failed, unwatchable shows does he need to be on? And I give it a couple of weeks before he tries to get R Wilson a run somewhere. Its a bit strange if you ask me….

  4. Think about it. He comes back to Seven and he will also appear on The Matty Johns Show you just watch. I am actually looking forward to seeing him back on TV. He knows his stuff so i think he will be a great addition to the news desk.

  5. Quite a surprise!

    Hopefully they are trying to lock him in for a comedy project down the line, as I think that’s where he belongs. However, Seven’s recent track record with comedy/panel shows (e.g. Footy Shows, White Room, TV Burp, Double Take) hasn’t been that great, so they might not want to try again.

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