Update on NCIS: LA, Medium, Burn Notice.

Next Tuesday a new episode of NCIS: LA will air on TEN in place of the intended NCIS repeat.

A few changes from TEN….

Next Tuesday a new episode of NCIS: LA will air at 9:30pm in place of the intended NCIS repeat. The show did very well for TEN this week on the back of a repeat NCIS.

On Thursday April 15 instead of Medium airing at 9:30pm, Burn Notice finale will air (S3 E16 “Devil You Know.”)

Medium returns April 22 at 10pm.

5 Responses

  1. I think NCIS LA only rated higher because it showed Abby from the original NCIS in the promo. Hopefully people watch again, it will be great for TEN if LA could pull over 1 mill after new NCIS when ratings return.

  2. Burn Notice was booted half way through its season which is why this airing has been short, they were finishing off the season.

    But Why move it to a different night for the finale? Ten are dumb as stumps.

  3. I could be wrong having given up on NCIS2 a while back but aren’t they a few episodes behind the original? This gives them the opportunity to catch up, if anyone at nein had half a brain they would have aired new Big Bang since it’s weeks behind 2.5 Men. ‘Non ratings week’ it’s a joke to begin with!

  4. Wow they have burnt through Burn Notice quickly!

    Okay it’s great to see new NCIS but this makes no sense at all, why ‘waste’ it on a non ratings week when a re-run is out rating Top Gear, even when TG runs more than 10 minutes in to NCIS.

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